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John Durham testifies publicly for the first time on the Trump-Russia report.

John Durham to Testify Publicly on Trump-Russia Investigation

John Durham, the special counsel who conducted an inquiry into the Trump-Russia investigators, will testify publicly for the first time before the GOP-led House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. This highly anticipated testimony will shed light on Durham’s report, which exposed wrongdoing related to the FBI’s reliance on Christopher Steele’s discredited dossier to obtain flawed surveillance against Trump campaign associate Carter Page.

Clinton Campaign Accused of Manipulating Law Enforcement Agencies

Rep. Jim Jordan, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has accused the Clinton campaign of attempting to manipulate law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political gain. He questions whether the FBI was played or willingly participated in pushing the false narrative of Trump-Russia collusion. Jordan asserts that the agencies were eager to believe the claims and ran with them.

“They all lied to us,” tweeted the Jordan-led House Judiciary Committee, referring to key figures in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation and Rep. Adam Schiff. The Durham Report revealed that while the FBI dropped criminal probes into the Clintons, they had no issue promoting a fake dossier to target Trump. This raises concerns about equal justice under the law.

On the other hand, Rep. Jerry Nadler, the ranking member on the committee, dismisses Durham’s report as discredited. However, Durham’s extensive and sobering report concluded that the FBI had no proper basis to launch the controversial 2016 election inquiry.

Reforms and Concerns Raised by Durham

During a classified briefing to the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee, Durham expressed concerns about the need for reforms and addressed ongoing issues within the FBI. Rep. Mike Turner, the committee’s chairman, shared that Durham’s testimony provided valuable insights for their work on FISA renewal, FISA reforms, and FBI reform issues.

The Biden administration faces challenges in reauthorizing certain FISA powers due to the revealed abuses. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have pledged not to extend surveillance powers without addressing concerns regarding civil liberties, government overreach, and FBI misuse.

Impact of Durham’s Report

Durham’s report not only debunked the Trump-Russia collusion claims but also exposed the link between Steele’s dossier and Russian sources. It revealed that Hillary Clinton’s campaign played a significant role in promoting these claims to the media and the FBI. The report also highlighted that then-Vice President Joe Biden was briefed about an alleged plan by Clinton to tie Trump to Russia.

Despite Durham’s findings, no new criminal prosecutions were recommended beyond the unsuccessful prosecutions of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann and Steele dossier source Igor Danchenko.

The revelations from Durham’s report have made the reauthorization of FISA Section 702 powers more challenging. The FBI’s numerous FISA violations, as well as concerns about civil liberties and government overreach, have prompted lawmakers to demand reforms before extending these surveillance powers.

With the release of declassified FISA Court opinions showing widespread FBI violations, the need for accountability and reform within law enforcement agencies has become even more apparent.

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