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Joe Biden’s frequent mention of intimate moments with Dr. Jill raises concerns about his mental health

Joe‍ Biden’s Relationship Advice: ⁤”Good Sex” is the Key⁣ to a Healthy Marriage

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According to excerpts from ⁤a forthcoming book about Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D., and other first ladies, Joe ​Biden, the 81-year-old president, frequently⁢ shares his belief that “good sex” is ‍the secret to ‍a thriving marriage. This relationship advice, much to his wife’s chagrin, is revealed by reporter Katie‌ Rogers in her book American Woman: The ‌Transformation of the⁤ Modern⁣ First Lady, from⁤ Hillary Clinton to [Dr.] Jill Biden⁣ [Ed.D.].

Biden has publicly expressed his desire for intimacy with his wife, albeit in more subtle terms. In a 2021 interview with Vogue ‍magazine, the president lamented ​the lack‍ of “privacy” at ​the White​ House, making it challenging for him and Dr.‍ Jill ‌to enjoy their ‌usual “romantic time.”

While there⁢ is‍ nothing wrong ⁤with older couples engaging in sexual activity, the National​ Institute on Aging (NIA) acknowledges‍ that age does not protect individuals from potential health⁣ issues that⁤ may hinder their sex lives. The NIA points out that many older couples actually find greater⁢ satisfaction in their intimate relationships⁢ compared​ to ⁤when they were younger.

However, Biden’s heightened sexual​ desire could also be a symptom of dementia ⁣or Alzheimer’s disease, as noted by the ​NIA’s ‌top ‌science experts. ⁣Alzheimer’s ⁤patients may exhibit “hypersexuality,” becoming overly interested in sex ⁤and ⁣engaging‌ in excessive masturbation or ⁢seductive behavior towards others.

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It is important to mention that Biden has a history of‍ sexually aggressive behavior towards both men and ⁣women.

WATCH: Creepy ⁤Joe Biden⁢ Ogles Male Muscles

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NIA experts recommend specific approaches to​ manage hypersexuality in individuals‌ with dementia, such⁢ as providing more⁢ attention and reassurance or using ⁤gentle physical affection to meet their emotional needs. In some cases,​ medication‌ may be⁢ necessary‍ to control⁤ their urges.

In addition to hypersexuality, ​Biden has ‍displayed other common symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s, including anger and agitation.⁢ White House aides have expressed fear⁤ of the president’s quick ​temper and​ profanity-laden outbursts,‌ leading many to avoid meeting with him ‌alone, as reported by Axios last year.

Should public figures like ⁤Joe Biden ​openly ⁣discuss intimate ​topics like sex, or⁤ should they adhere to more traditional ⁢standards of presidential decorum

With discussing‍ the importance of ‌a healthy intimate ‍relationship in a marriage, some‍ may find⁣ Joe Biden’s approach to be too⁤ personal or explicit. ⁢It raises‍ questions about the ​appropriateness of such a topic, especially coming from a ​sitting president.

However, it is important to note that Biden’s belief in the significance⁢ of a fulfilling sex life is not entirely unfounded. Numerous studies have ‌shown that⁣ a satisfying sexual relationship can positively impact a marriage ‍in various ways. It has⁤ been linked to increased emotional intimacy, improved communication, and overall marital satisfaction.

For ⁤many couples, maintaining a healthy sex life can be challenging, especially as they navigate the ⁣demands of work, family, and other responsibilities. It requires commitment, effort,​ and open communication between partners. Biden’s acknowledgment ⁤of this reality can be seen⁤ as an encouragement for couples to prioritize their relationship and invest in its intimacy.

It is worth mentioning‌ that ⁤Joe Biden’s openness about his views on sex and marriage reflects a generational ‌shift. In previous eras, discussing such matters publicly would have⁤ been considered highly inappropriate. However, in today’s more liberal and open society, many‌ individuals are comfortable talking about sex and relationships.

Nevertheless, Biden’s statement does raise some concerns. As the leader ⁤of a nation, ⁢his role involves upholding certain ‍moral values ⁢and setting an ⁣example for the public.⁤ Some may argue that discussing a private and personal⁤ matter like ‍sex goes beyond​ the bounds of presidential decorum.

Moreover, discussing sex in the context of a successful marriage might oversimplify the complexities of a ‌long-term relationship. While‌ a satisfying sex life can contribute to overall ⁤marital happiness, it is just ⁣one component⁣ among many‍ others, such as trust, mutual respect, shared values, and effective communication.

In summary, Joe Biden’s ‌belief in the importance of “good sex” in a marriage may raise eyebrows due to the public nature of his position. While the topic is relevant and can contribute to a healthy relationship, it should be ​approached with sensitivity and consideration‌ for appropriateness. Ultimately, a successful marriage relies on many factors beyond sexual‍ satisfaction, and it is important to acknowledge the multifaceted nature of human relationships.

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