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25 GOP representatives block Jim Jordan from winning the 3rd speaker vote.

Things are ⁤not going well for Rep. Jim Jordan

The fiery Ohio Republican ‌is vying for⁤ the‌ vacant speakership in the House of Representatives,‍ but his support is dwindling instead of growing.

In the latest vote on⁢ Friday, Jordan only secured 194 votes, far from the 217 needed to become the new ⁤speaker.

This marks a consecutive decrease in the total number ⁢of votes he has‌ received.

In the initial Tuesday ‌vote, 20⁣ members⁣ of his own party refused to support him.

In the second round of voting‌ on Wednesday, 22 fellow Republicans ‍declined to back him.

In a somewhat surprising twist, the number of Republicans who didn’t support‍ Jordan increased to ‌25 in the ⁤third‍ round of voting on Friday.

This is⁣ concerning for Jordan, especially considering that Kevin⁤ McCarthy, the previous speaker, never lost Republican support during multiple contentious votes in‌ January.

McCarthy had faced opposition from a small group of ‌disgruntled Republican representatives, led by Rep.‌ Matt​ Gaetz of Florida.

That group, in ‍collaboration with Democratic‍ representatives, successfully ousted ⁢McCarthy.

Now, the GOP finds itself ⁢in‍ an ‌awkward position of being unable to elect a speaker despite having the majority in the House.

Here are the ‌25 Republican representatives who didn’t‌ support Jordan in Friday’s vote, and who ‍they voted for instead:

  1. Nebraska Rep. Don Bacon voted ‌for North Carolina Rep. Patrick ​McHenry, the acting speaker.
  2. Florida Rep.‍ Vern Buchanan voted for fellow Florida Rep. Byron Donalds.
  3. Colorado Rep. Ken Buck voted for House ⁣Majority Whip and Minnesota Rep.⁢ Tom Emmer.
  4. Oregon Rep.​ Lori Chavez-DeRemer‍ voted for McHenry.
  5. New ⁣York Rep. Anthony D’Esposito voted‌ for⁣ former New York Rep. Lee Zeldin.
  6. Florida Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart voted for House Majority Leader and Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise.
  7. Texas Rep. ‍Jake⁤ Ellzey voted for California Rep. Mike Garcia.
  8. Georgia Rep. Drew Ferguson voted ‌for Scalise.
  9. In a new loss for ⁣Jordan, North ⁤Carolina‌ Rep. ⁢Brian Fitzpatrick voted for McHenry.
  10. New York⁢ Rep. Andrew Garbarino voted for Zeldin.
  11. Florida‍ Rep. Carlos Gimenez voted ​for McCarthy.
  12. Texas Rep. Tony Gonzalez voted for Scalise.
  13. Texas Rep. Kay Granger voted for ⁢Scalise.
  14. Michigan Rep.‍ John James voted for Donalds.
  15. In a new loss for Jordan, New Jersey Rep. Thomas Kean voted for McCarthy.
  16. Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly voted for Scalise.
  17. Virginia Rep. Jennifer Kiggans voted for McHenry.
  18. New York Rep. Nick‍ LaLota voted for Zeldin.
  19. New York Rep. Mike Lawler voted for⁢ McHenry.
  20. Iowa Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks voted ​for McHenry.
  21. In​ a new loss for Jordan, New York‌ Rep. ⁣Marcus Molinaro voted for Zeldin.
  22. Florida Rep. John Rutherford voted for Scalise.
  23. Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson voted for Scalise.
  24. Minnesota Rep. Pete Stauber voted for Arkansas Rep. Bruce Westerman.
  25. Arkansas Rep. Steve Womack voted for⁣ Scalise.

Jordan ended this round of voting with‍ 194 ‌votes.

Democrat Hakeem Jeffries received 210 votes, with nearly all Democrats supporting him.

Currently, there is ‍no clear path⁤ for any ⁢candidate to secure the 217 votes needed for the speakership.

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How did Greg Steube’s ⁣vote⁣ for Scalise impact Jim Jordan’s chances of becoming the new speaker?

Ansas Rep. Steve Womack voted for Emmer.

  • Florida Rep.⁤ Greg‌ Steube voted for Scalise.
  • While ⁤Jim Jordan may⁢ still have some support within his own party, the​ fact that he is losing votes with each round of⁣ voting is not a good sign for ‍his ‌potential speakership.

    There are⁣ several possible​ reasons for​ Jordan’s ​declining support. One reason could be ⁢his controversial reputation. ⁢Jordan has been ​a prominent ⁢figure in the Republican⁢ Party, known for his fiery and‍ confrontational style. While this has endeared him to some conservatives, it ⁣has also ‍made ⁣him a polarizing figure,‌ with ​critics‌ accusing ​him of being too combative and divisive.

    Another reason for Jordan’s lack of support could‌ be ‍his association with former President ⁤Donald Trump. Jordan was one of Trump’s most vocal supporters during his time in office, and some Republicans may be hesitant ⁤to vote for him due to his⁤ connection ‍to the divisive and controversial‌ former president.

    Additionally, some Republicans may ‌see Jordan as too closely aligned⁤ with ⁢the far-right faction of the party, and‌ may prefer a more moderate⁢ candidate for ‍speaker.

    Whatever the ⁢reasons⁣ may be, it is clear ​that things are not going well⁢ for Jim Jordan’s bid for the speakership. With each round of voting, he loses more support, and it ‌is becoming increasingly unlikely​ that ‍he will be able to secure the⁢ necessary votes to become⁢ the new speaker ⁣of ​the House ⁢of Representatives.

    It remains to be seen ⁤who will emerge as the new frontrunner for the speakership, but as of now, it appears that Jim Jordan’s⁢ chances are diminishing.

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