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Is Steven Avery influencing supporters to lower Candace Owens’ review score for ‘Convicting A Murderer’?

Steven Avery Allegedly Directing Supporters to Tank Rotten Tomatoes Score of Candace Owens’ Docuseries

It seems that even from ⁣behind bars, Steven Avery is actively engaging his supporters to ⁢take action against the ‍Rotten ⁣Tomatoes’ audience review score of Candace Owens’ docuseries “Convicting a Murderer” (CAM). Avery, along with ⁤his nephew Brendan ⁤Dassey, was convicted of the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach in 2007. Their case⁤ gained ⁣widespread attention through Netflix’s limited series⁢ “Making a ​Murderer” (MAM), with many online ‍voices arguing for Avery’s innocence. Owens’ ⁤”CAM” presents a different perspective on the Avery case, shedding light on information ⁣that was omitted or potentially manipulated⁣ in “MAM.”

A post on the Facebook ‌group‍ “Steven Avery is INNOCENT” ‌urges Avery’s supporters to flood Rotten Tomatoes with negative reviews ⁣for “Convicting a​ Murderer.” The post emphasizes ⁣the importance ‍of⁣ countering what they believe ​to be false claims made in⁤ the‍ docuseries and urges the​ community to stand up for Avery’s innocence.

The Facebook⁣ post, shared by the group’s administrator, includes a link to ⁢the Rotten Tomatoes review page for‍ “CAM” and tags everyone in the⁣ group, ensuring that the 36,200-plus members receive a notification about the ​post.

Prior ⁤to this Facebook post, “CAM”​ had been enjoying a high average ​review score in ⁢the 90s.⁣ However, the score has now dropped to 73% as a‌ result of the influx of negative reviews following‍ the post.

The “Steven ⁤Avery is INNOCENT” Facebook group claims to have regular contact with Avery from ‌prison. They often award prizes, supposedly from⁣ Avery himself, to random supporters. Sandy Greenman, Avery’s ex-girlfriend, is a‍ prominent member of the group and maintains ​close communication⁣ with Avery. She ⁤even ‍shares photos of her visits‍ to him in prison. ‍In a recording from March, ⁢Avery⁢ mentions receiving⁤ messages ​from everyone on his “site,” which ⁣the Facebook group takes credit for, suggesting that Avery is referring to their group.

Interestingly, Avery appears to be well aware of The ⁢Daily Wire’s “CAM” docuseries. In a recording​ posted four months ago, ⁤he ‍advises his ⁢supporters⁤ to⁢ avoid watching the “garbage” ⁤content, claiming it is filled with lies.

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​In what ways does the ​involvement of​ Avery⁤ in manipulating the audience⁣ review score of Owens’ docuseries expose⁢ the power dynamics and potential biases at play within the media ‍landscape, ⁣particularly in relation to‍ high-profile criminal cases

Gative reviews ​of Owens’ docuseries, ⁢in an ⁤attempt to lower‍ its‍ audience review score.⁢ The post, allegedly shared by Avery himself, asks supporters to watch the series and provide⁤ negative feedback based⁤ on their belief ‌in his innocence.

This ​move by Avery raises​ questions about the influence ​that incarcerated individuals can have on the outside world⁤ through social media and ⁤other means of communication. While Avery is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, he still maintains a significant following of supporters⁣ who strongly​ believe in his innocence. By directing his supporters to‍ target the Rotten Tomatoes score, Avery is​ attempting to discredit ⁢Owens’ perspective ⁤and potentially​ sway public opinion ⁣in his favor.

Rotten Tomatoes, a popular‍ film and television review aggregator, serves as a guide for many‌ viewers when deciding which shows and movies to consume. The audience review score, in particular, holds considerable weight as it reflects the⁣ opinions and feedback of the general public.‌ By manipulating this score, Avery aims to undermine the credibility of Owens’ work and maintain‍ his narrative of being wrongfully convicted.

However, it is essential to remember that Owens’ docuseries presents an alternative‌ viewpoint ⁤to the Avery case. It delves‌ into aspects that were not covered or were potentially biased in “Making a Murderer.” These⁤ alternative perspectives allow for a more comprehensive understanding of the case⁢ and challenge the widely accepted narrative portrayed in the Netflix series.

The involvement​ of Avery in actively ⁣directing his supporters ⁢to ‌take action against the audience review score sheds light ⁤on the⁣ power dynamics at play in our modern digital age. It raises⁣ questions about the ethics ⁢of incarcerated​ individuals influencing public opinion ‌from ‍behind bars ‌and the potential impact it can ‍have ‍on ⁤the justice system.

It ⁤is crucial for viewers to ‍approach both “Making‍ a Murderer” ⁤and “Convicting ⁣a Murderer” with ​an ‌open mind and critically⁤ analyze the evidence and arguments​ presented. We must remember that these docuseries are not legal proceedings‌ but rather attempts to shape ⁣public perception and generate dialogue around a ⁤high-profile case.

As ‍audiences, it ⁤is our responsibility to engage with media in a thoughtful‌ and discerning manner. We should ​consider multiple⁤ perspectives, evaluate the credibility ⁤of ⁢the information presented, and form‌ our own opinions based on a ⁢careful analysis of the evidence​ at hand.

In conclusion,⁢ Steven Avery’s⁣ alleged involvement in directing his‌ supporters ⁢to manipulate the Rotten Tomatoes score‍ of Candace Owens’ docuseries raises important questions about the influence ⁣of incarcerated ⁢individuals on public opinion. This incident⁣ highlights the power dynamics in our digital age and underlines the need to approach media with a critical mindset. As viewers, we must analyze multiple perspectives and form our opinions based on a careful ⁢evaluation of the evidence.

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