Amazing: ‘Shut In’ Earns Incredible 98% Audience Score On Rotten Tomatoes, Proving Fans Want Quality Movies With No Hidden Agenda

The highly anticipated premiere of The Daily Wire’s first original film, “Shut In,” happened February 10 and viewers are sharing their opinions on the thriller via the Rotten Tomatoes website. Most agree that the movie had a message but wasn’t overly preachy and didn’t push an obvious political agenda. In other words, it was real Hollywood entertainment that’s different from everything else out there right now. 

Positive reviews began pouring in following the premiere and just like critic reviews from earlier in the week, the fans had overwhelmingly positive things to say about “Shut In.” As of Friday morning, the film has an incredibly 98% audience review score on Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten tomatoes Shut In score

Rotten Tomatoes

“Honestly very impressive for an original production from a non-major industry player,” one reviewer wrote. “The depth and craftsmanship with which the film is executed and the motifs fulfilled was extremely satisfying and left me reflecting far past just the plot of the movie.”

“I think it was a very solid movie and suspenseful movie,” another person agreed. “Great acting on all parts, and the scenes were very real. This is one I’d add to my movie collection.”

“For a political podcast to actually make a movie that’s not political is surprising,” one viewer said. “But the fact that it has that feel of an actual movie theater movie and does not suck is very impressive. A solid movie.”

“It was a really good thriller,” another reviewer shared. “The camera angles were amazing. The suspense had me on the edge of my seat. The actors were great, and it was cool to see the symbolism throughout the scenes.”

“Just finished watching #SHUTIN from #TheDailyWire. It was upsetting and inspiring, unpleasant and palatable, heartbreaking and uplifting, condemnation and redemption all in one. Thank you for unapologetic, thought provoking content,” said another.

Early critic reviews were likewise impressed by “Shut In.” Broadcasting veteran Megyn Kelly said she really enjoyed the film as a “good thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.” She was very impressed by the quality of the performances, calling the acting “amazing” and “crazy good.”

Kelly concluded by saying, “This is why everybody out there has got to support The Daily Wire in this effort … because there needs to be somebody who will make more conservative-leaning films and hire more conservative-leaning actors, which right now is a death knell to your career.” She added, “We always talk about creating new lanes, and this is one.”

Even left-leaning outlets had to admit “Shut In” had quality elements. San Jose Mercury News described “Shut In” as a “lean, efficient and often vicious horror/revenge flick that’ll suck you in no matter your political stripe.”

OutKick made note of how the movie harnessed classical truths of the human experience without resorting to pushing certain messages or cheesy platitudes. 

“The film is more traditional than political,” reviewer Bobby Burack wrote. “The film’s simple format is a product of spending more time entertaining than preaching.”

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