In a first, San Francisco Flooded With Concealed Carry Permit Applications

Reporters in San Francisco heard Sheriff Paul Miyamoto tell reporters this week that he only had four applications for concealed carry permits in the last decade. However, his office is currently processing dozens of applications for concealed carry permits and he expects that this number will increase. “in the hundreds” By the end of the calendar year. The New York Sun We spoke to Benjamin Zheng was one of the applicants who received his permit recently. His decision was driven in part by the “alarming” The conditions in his neighborhood. Drug dealers are openly doing business near his home and it’s no longer safe to walk the streets in his neighborhood.

The city of San Francisco has seen a surge in property crime since it received only a few applications for concealed weapons permits over the past decade. Last week, the first application was approved.

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling last year in the Bruen It was made easier for gun owners to obtain concealed carry permits. Residents of San Francisco now have the ability to apply for a permit to carry weapons in public. That right may be short-lived, however, as the state moves to rewrite gun laws to comply with the court’s ruling.

Last week, Benjamin Zheng — an automobile shop employee — had his application approved by the San Francisco sheriff’s department. The New York Times calls Mr. Zheng a Tenderloin resident. “the dirtiest block in San Francisco” Due to open drug use.

The Sun is quick to point out that violent crime isn’t the biggest driver of the issues Mr. Zheng is facing. San Francisco’s violent crime rate is actually lower than that of Chicago or Denver. (Which really isn’t saying much these days.) However, property crime in the city is much more severe than other comparable-sized cities.

Robbery and theft increased by over 40%, while burglaries rose 67% in 2022. And the city’s endemic problems with homeless camps and open-air drug markets compound the issue. When you see large numbers homeless people or drug addicts congregating together, crime follows. But in San Francisco’s “liberal paradise” Model, but police are prevented by doing much about it.

Law-abiding citizens are left with very few options. More and more of them are looking at the possibility of gun ownership as a means of self-defense following the Supreme Court’s ruling in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association vs Bruen. Up to recently, San Francisco followed New York City’s lead and demanded that all applicants have a “good cause” Why they required a permit.

The window for obtaining a carry permit will not last long. As was also seen in New York, the Calfiornia state legislature is already working on a bill that would try to blunt the Supreme Court’s decision and once again make it harder to qualify for a permit. They are also considering expanding their reach. “gun-free zones” where you won’t be allowed to legally carry even if you manage to obtain a permit.

The Golden State’s law-abiding citizens will need to listen to the warning. Your safety and your needs are not important to the state government unless you belong in a particular demographic group, which includes homeless migrants and addicts. If you wind up getting mugged, carjacked or worse, that’s not really a priority for them. Maybe you should think about moving to another place where things are done differently.

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