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Trump questioned about supporting execution of drug dealers despite pardoning some and signing ‘First Step Act’.

Former President Donald Trump Confronted About Past Policies

During a recent interview, former President Donald Trump faced questions about his past policies and actions as president. The discussion arose after Trump suggested that executing drug dealers was the only solution to the U.S. drug problem.

Speaking to Fox News anchor Bret Baier, Trump emphasized that the death penalty was “the only way you’re gonna stop” the drug crisis.

Baier then brought up the fact that Trump had supported criminal justice reforms, such as the First Step Act, after being influenced by activists like Kim Kardashian.

“Critics of that law point out that 13,500 people have been released, and about 12% of them have committed serious crimes after their release,” Baier stated. “For example, Joel Francisco, who was serving a life sentence for selling crack cocaine, was released in 2019 and allegedly stabbed a man to death. Paul Moore, a drug trafficker, received a reduced sentence and later fatally shot a rival.”

In response, Trump clarified that his focus was on pardoning individuals convicted of “non-violent crimes,” such as Alice Johnson, who had been sentenced to decades in prison for cocaine trafficking.

“But she’d be killed under your plan,” Baier pointed out, referring to Trump’s proposal to execute drug dealers.

“Huh?” Trump responded, seemingly taken aback.

“As a drug dealer-” Baier continued.

“No, no. No. Under my plan, oh, under that?” Trump stumbled. “Uhh, it would depend on the severity.”

“Technically, she’s a former drug dealer,” Baier noted. “She was involved in a multi-million dollar cocaine ring.”

“She can’t do it, okay? By the way, if that policy was in place, she wouldn’t be killed. It would start as of now,” Trump clarified.

Baier chuckled and pointed out that Johnson would have been subject to Trump’s proposed policy.

“Starting now,” Trump reiterated. “But she wouldn’t have done it if it was the death penalty. In other words, if the death penalty was in place, she wouldn’t have been on that phone call. She wouldn’t have been a dealer.”

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