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Citizens enraged as iconic landmark receives ‘Pride Month’ transformation.

An Iconic Landmark Receives a “Pride Month” Makeover, Sparking Outrage

An iconic American landmark is being redecorated in honor of “pride month,” and the locals are having none of it.

The landmark in question is the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign that sits outside the city and has welcomed people to one of America’s premier tourist attractions since 1959.

But now even this piece of classic Americana is not safe from the woke ideology that pervades the culture. On June 9, Clark County, Nevada, announced on Twitter that the lights on the sign would be rainbow-colored in order to celebrate “pride month.”

Local outlet KTNV-TV said that the lights were placed on the sign for a “pride” ceremony that will take place in the city on Thursday. Currently, there is a sign in front of it that reads, “The perimeter lights on the sign are the colors of the rainbow for PRIDE month.”

In response, citizens of Las Vegas and the surrounding area are taking to Twitter to voice their frustration at their iconic landmark being used to promote the radical leftist agenda.

When one stops and thinks about the response for a moment, it is rather ironic that this response would come from Las Vegas of all places.

Las Vegas is infamous the world over as a city for all-night drinking, gambling, and prostitution. So much so, in fact, that it is colloquially known as Sin City.

Now, as the LGBT agenda becomes even more aggressive and embraces even more bizarre lifestyle choices, the residents of Sin City, who have tolerated so much vice, have had enough.

This seems to be a common theme this year with regard to “pride month,” as almost every attempt by cities and companies to shove the LGBT agenda down people’s throats has been met with an intense backlash.

Should landmarks be immune from pride month celebrations?

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Even very blue areas of the country are seeing this backlash. Take Los Angeles, where hardly anyone showed up to watch the LA Dodgers give an award to the anti-Christian drag queen group known as “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.”

If the citizens of Los Angeles and Las Vegas are growing sick and tired of all this decadence, then perhaps it is time for the people who promote this agenda to ask themselves if they have gone too far.

Many people certainly think they have, and they are making their voices known.

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