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Hero cop called for backup before taking on Texas mall shooter alone, saying “I need everybody.”

Heroic Police Officer Takes Down Shooter at Texas Outlet Mall

Quick Thinking and Bravery Saves Lives

In a harrowing incident at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, a police officer showed incredible bravery and quick thinking to take down a shooter and save lives. The officer, whose name has not yet been released, was already on the scene for an unrelated issue when the shooting started. He ran into an H&M store and made a frantic call for backup, just before engaging the suspect himself.

According to audio recordings obtained by The Daily Mail, the officer ran towards the chaos as he heard it unfolding just outside. Describing the scene to the dispatcher, he said, “I’ve got people running. There’s still shooting. I need everybody I got.” But just a few moments later, after engaging the shooter alone, he gave the dispatcher an update: “I got him down.”

The gunman, whose name will not be published pursuant to The Daily Wire’s policy denying mass shooters the notoriety they so often seek, could be seen on a dashcam video as he exited a vehicle outside the mall and opened fire, shooting at people on the sidewalk with a rifle. He was dressed in tactical gear and fired dozens of rounds before the lone officer ran towards him, shooting and killing him.

Tragic Loss of Life

Including the shooter, seven people were pronounced dead at the scene — and two more succumbed to their injuries after being taken to the hospital. At least another seven were hospitalized and treated for injuries related to the shooting, and the victims reportedly ranged in age from 5 to 61 years old.

Police Chief Praises Officer’s Actions

Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey praised the officer’s actions, saying, “He heard gunshots, went to the gunshots, engaged the suspect, and neutralized the suspect.” The officer’s bravery and quick thinking undoubtedly saved lives and prevented further tragedy.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families during this difficult time.

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