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Armed citizen stops robbery, saves lives.

Guns Save Lives:⁣ Armed Citizen ‍Takes Out Suspect During Robbery‍ Attempt

Anti-gun leftists love to claim that there is⁢ no time when a gun ‍is good and‍ useful, but there are countless stories to‌ the contrary, including a ⁢recent‍ incident in Michigan, where an​ armed ⁢citizen put a quick end to an⁣ attempted armed ​robbery.

Police in Cassopolis, Michigan, are ⁢investigating an alleged robber who was taken⁢ down when he reportedly pulled a knife‍ and tried ‌to ​rob a gas station, ⁢according to WSBT-TV.

The ‍suspect, ⁤who‌ has not ⁤yet been ⁢named publicly, was shot after witnesses said​ he‌ pulled his knife and demanded money. The man who shot the suspect had his ‍concealed firearm license on him when police responded to the scene.

“The defendant, the armed robber … has been ⁣charged with armed robbery. Once ⁢he’s released from the‌ hospital, he will ‌enter the criminal justice system, where we will be seeking his extradition​ to the state of Michigan, where he faces ⁣life⁤ offense⁤ charges ‍to two robberies,” said Victor Fitz, Cass County Prosecutor, WSBT reported.

Gas station employee Harjinder Singh told WXMI-TV that the whole incident shocked him.

He said the suspect came in asking to use the bathroom, ⁣but then went to a​ corner of the store ‍and put​ on a mask before walking up, ⁣waving⁢ a knife‌ and‍ demanding money.

The next thing⁤ Singh knew,⁤ the suspect was⁣ falling to ⁢the floor after a loud bang went off,⁤ thanks to⁢ a good guy with a gun.

The suspect is in stable condition, according to the most recent​ report.

Michigan has fairly strict ⁤ gun laws, but if the ​state was⁣ more like New York,⁢ Illinois or California, this robbery‍ might have gone in ⁢favor of ⁣the ​alleged ​crook.

Still, stories of good ‌guys ‍with a gun⁣ occur time and again in this country, each time proving that a ⁣gun ​in the right ⁣hands can protect lives and property from evildoers.

Examples⁤ of Armed⁣ Citizens​ Protecting‌ Lives ⁤and Property

  • In June, a ​man‍ in Las Vegas put a ​ quick end ⁣to an attempted mass shooting at a condominium​ complex near the Las⁤ Vegas ‌Strip.
  • A ⁤pizza delivery man protected⁢ his life and property when he drew his​ legally possessed firearm to stop two armed robbers from taking his money and‌ car.
  • A⁣ pregnant woman in a parking garage in Little⁢ Rock, Arkansas, used her ​personal firearm to stop ⁣two men from​ beating her husband and threatening their​ children.
  • Mass shootings have also been stopped, contrary to the left’s​ claims that such a feat⁣ is impossible without gun bans.
  • A civilian stopped a man⁤ allegedly looking to perpetrate a mass shooting ‌in​ an Indiana shopping ⁤mall.
  • In 2019, another ⁣lawful gun owner in Georgia quickly ended ‍ what⁤ was a potential mass shooting at a bar.

In 2019,‍ writer Lawrence W. Reed reported⁣ that “Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million⁢ crimes a year, or 6,849 every⁤ day.”⁢ The National ⁤Rifle Association added‍ that numbers from‌ Dr. John Lott’s Crime⁤ Prevention Research Center ⁤show ‍that​ 34 percent ‍ of “active shooter” attacks are stopped or‌ limited by legal gun owners responding to‌ a shooting.

Thankfully, Americans have ‍the ‌God-given right‌ to protect themselves, their family and their property. And until ‍the left succeeds in ⁢preventing‍ these legally armed citizens from carrying‍ the firearms they used to save lives,⁤ we will continue seeing such stories. Thank ⁣God ‌fewer people⁢ all ‌the time believe the left’s false claim that there is no such thing‌ as⁣ a good ⁢guy with a gun.

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