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Officials say Federal Air Marshals were redirected from high-security flights to track down suspects involved in the January 6 incident

The Biden Administration’s Department‍ of Homeland Security Under Fire⁣ for Allegedly Targeting Innocent Americans

The Biden administration’s ⁢Department of‍ Homeland⁢ Security (DHS) is facing ⁢criticism for its alleged surveillance of individuals who flew to Washington, D.C. on ⁤January 6, 2021. ⁣According to the Air Marshal National Council, Federal Air Marshals have been ‌following people, even if they had⁢ no⁢ involvement in the Capitol incident and were never charged with a⁢ crime.

Reports ‌suggest ‍that air ‍marshals were taken off important missions to monitor potential conservatives, raising concerns about the politicization of law enforcement and ‌the potential risk placed on⁣ innocent individuals. This revelation comes in the wake‌ of another controversy involving the FBI, which ⁤reportedly ⁢let ⁣a suspected child rapist go free to focus on January 6 cases.

A Disturbing ‌Discovery

Just ⁤five days after⁢ the Capitol protest, two members​ of Congress wrote to the head of ​the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), urging the ⁣agency to take action against potential terrorists. ⁣The TSA⁤ appeared to ‍respond by implementing surveillance measures, but a bizarre incident involving two ‍air marshals exposed‍ the extent of the monitoring.

In a letter to House leaders,⁢ the president and executive director of⁤ the ⁢Air Marshal National Council revealed that innocent Americans ⁣were​ being wrongly⁢ classified as “Domestic Terrorists” on internal TSA/FAMS databases and watchlists. One​ case highlighted⁣ in the letter ​involved an air marshal’s⁣ wife, who was followed on flights simply because she⁤ was in D.C. on January 6, despite‍ never participating in the Capitol protest.

The consequences of this surveillance ‍were both ⁢absurd and concerning. One ⁤air marshal had to explain to another that ⁣he was carrying a weapon onboard, ⁣as required, after⁤ being assigned to monitor his colleague’s wife. The husband even discovered that his ​wife was labeled a “Domestic ⁣Terrorist” in the TSA’s computer system, a classification that remained unchanged two years ⁣later.

A Troubling Program

The Air‌ Marshal National Council revealed that the TSA⁢ repurposed a domestic surveillance‌ program called “Quiet Skies” to track individuals loosely connected to January 6. This secretive​ program allows air marshals to flag and monitor people​ on ‍a vague list, despite the Department ​of⁣ Homeland Security Inspector General finding no threats to aviation security through ⁢this program.

The Council expressed concerns that the focus on monitoring ‍January‌ 6 individuals and the deployment of hundreds of​ air marshals to the southern border to assist illegal immigrants could leave the nation vulnerable​ to actual terrorism. They argued that more air marshals were performing humanitarian duties‍ on the⁣ border than protecting Americans⁢ in the​ sky.

Rep. Pete Sessions also ‍raised questions​ about the legality of these​ deployments, as ⁤tending to migrants is⁣ not within‍ the air marshals’ job description. Despite an ⁣ongoing investigation, the Biden administration has resumed these deployments due to its inability to⁣ control the southwest border.

Consequences and Lack of Accountability

The Air Marshal‍ National‌ Council‌ highlighted the potential consequences of diverting air marshals from flights, citing incidents such as a ‌passenger holding a razor-blade to another passenger’s neck. They claim that these incidents occurred when air marshals ‌were absent from flights due to their assignments on the border or monitoring​ January‍ 6 individuals.

Despite these serious ⁢allegations, the TSA has not responded to inquiries from⁣ The Daily Wire. In response to a⁣ probe by the House Judiciary Committee,‌ the agency acknowledged deploying federal air marshals ​as ​a result ‍of January 6‌ but provided little additional information.

These revelations raise significant concerns about the targeting of innocent Americans and the‌ potential⁣ risks associated with diverting law enforcement resources​ for⁢ political purposes. The ‍Biden administration’s handling of these ‌issues and its prioritization ⁢of border assistance over aviation security have come under scrutiny.

⁢ How does the alleged targeting of innocent Americans ⁤in Washington, D.C. on January ⁢6 violate‍ their constitutional‍ rights?

Ely ​associated with the January ‍6 Capitol ⁢incident. ‍Quiet Skies was originally created to identify ​potential threats onboard domestic flights by closely monitoring the behavior of⁤ passengers. However, its‌ use in tracking innocent individuals raises significant concerns about privacy rights and civil liberties.

The alleged targeting of innocent Americans based solely on their presence in Washington, ​D.C. on January 6 is a clear violation of their constitutional rights. The fact that individuals​ who were never charged or involved in any ‍criminal activity are being monitored by air marshals is deeply disturbing. It raises questions about the criteria used to classify ​someone as a potential threat and the potential abuse of power⁢ within ⁣the DHS.

Furthermore, the diversion of air marshals from important missions to conduct surveillance on potential conservatives is an alarming indication of⁢ the ‌politicization of law enforcement. If individuals ‍are being targeted based on their political beliefs rather than any⁢ substantive evidence of criminal activity, it undermines the principles of justice and fairness that are supposed to guide law ‍enforcement agencies.

This controversy surrounding the⁣ DHS comes on the heels‍ of another concerning ‌incident involving the FBI. Recent ⁤reports have revealed that the FBI allowed a suspected child rapist to go‍ free in order to focus on⁤ cases related to the January 6 Capitol incident. This prioritization of political cases over‍ serious criminal investigations raises serious doubts about the integrity⁤ and impartiality of ‌our law enforcement agencies.

In light of these revelations,‌ it is crucial that ⁤a thorough ⁣investigation is ‍conducted into the actions of the DHS and any potential abuse of ⁣power or violation of civil liberties.​ The Department of Homeland Security has an important role to play in ‌protecting our nation, but it must ⁢operate within the bounds of⁤ the law and ‌respect the rights of all individuals, regardless of their⁤ political affiliations.

It ‌is the duty ‌of Congress to hold the Biden‍ administration accountable for ⁤these alleged abuses and ⁤ensure that appropriate measures are taken to address them. The Department of Homeland Security ‌must be transparent in its actions ⁤and demonstrate that it is committed to upholding the‍ principles of justice,‍ fairness, and respect for individual rights.

As citizens, we must also remain⁤ vigilant and demand‌ accountability from our government. ⁣Our rights and freedoms‌ are at stake, and we ‌cannot allow any administration to overstep its bounds and ⁣target innocent ⁤Americans‍ based on​ their⁤ political beliefs. Upholding the principles of justice and protecting civil liberties​ is essential for the well-being of our democracy.

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