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FBI Caught Recruiting at ‘Pride’ Gathering

If the next generation of FBI field agents are seen making arrests adorning blue hair and with sex toys on their tactical ⁢belts, we ‌might have a pretty good indicator as ​to why.

The bureau said on X (formerly Twitter) that it had used a recent so-called⁢ LGBT⁣ “pride” event in North Carolina as a place to ​find ⁢new recruits.

It‍ isn’t clear if agents witnessed any nude adults performing dances​ for‍ children, but⁣ the FBI’s official X account ‍was awfully ⁢proud to share that it is now trying to mine⁢ talent from such events.

The bureau was also sure to capitalize the ‌word “Pride” so as ‌to express to the world how important it views celebrations of debauchery ‍that don’t have an American flag in sight.

“Recently, @FBICharlotte participated in a Pride event where the #FBI spoke to attendees about⁤ career opportunities and the‍ work the Bureau does ⁤to protect civil rights,” the FBI said.

The corrupt agency added, “Visit​ to learn⁣ about opportunities to participate in #FBI community ‌programs near ​you.”

The‌ FBI, which was handing out “pride” flags,⁣ was predictably‍ obliterated by ‍rational people in their responses to ⁤the post:

Now, not all people who identify as part of the LGBT community would definitely make terrible federal agents.

Only those who closely knew Rock⁣ Hudson were aware that he was ⁤not even mildly interested ​in the ⁢numerous potential ​female suitors who were out there willing‍ to marry ⁤him during the height ⁣of his career.

This is about the bureau‍ and the politicized Department ‍of Justice.

These are entities that ⁤ target ‍conservatives ‌ while ignoring the kind ⁤of far-left rioting and violence the country saw play out in major cities‌ across the country ‍through 2020.

The FBI cannot set up a recruiting station at a “pride”​ event ​and then‍ go on ‌to claim ever again and under its ⁣current leadership that it is a force for blind ‌justice.

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The LGBT community’s co-opted ⁢rainbow imagery is nothing if not ‍a political symbol. The ⁣FBI ⁣has put the world on notice —​ not only about its priorities, but also about which side of the cultural divide it⁢ sits on.

This is not‌ our grandparents’ FBI. This is no longer an agency that seeks to prevent‍ and solve crimes. This is ‌an FBI ⁣that spies on Christians in⁢ their churches and then aligns itself with ⁤open ​sin.

While FBI Director Christopher Wray was warning last week that Americans faced the potential of terror attacks and even warned that his‌ agency ‍had​ gaps in intelligence, agents in Charlotte⁣ were planning⁤ to make their presence known at a political event.

It‌ is⁤ disgraceful.

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The ‌post ⁤ FBI Captured‌ Recruiting at ‍’Pride’ ⁢Event appeared first on The Western Journal.

How does the FBI’s endorsement ⁢of a‍ specific political agenda through the distribution of “pride” flags impact the public’s trust and confidence in its ability to uphold the law and protect civil rights

Longer a crime to threaten‌ the life of the President? Just ⁤wondering​ ​

— Jules‌ of the Weak (@JulesoftheWeak) November 5, 2023

These responses highlight the concerns many people have about the direction the FBI is taking. By actively recruiting at LGBT pride events, the ​bureau is signaling its support ‌for a specific political agenda. This raises questions about the objectivity ‌and impartiality of the agency.

Furthermore, the choice of events for recruitment purposes ⁤is questionable. LGBT pride events are known for⁢ their sexually‌ explicit and provocative displays.⁣ While it‌ is unclear if explicit activities were witnessed by the ⁢agents, their association with such events sends a message about the values of the bureau.

The public’s perception of the FBI is crucial for its effectiveness. If the ⁢agency becomes associated with debauchery and⁢ questionable recruitment practices, it undermines the trust and confidence⁤ that the public has in its ability to uphold​ the law​ and protect civil rights.

Additionally, the FBI’s ⁤decision to distribute​ “pride” flags further reinforces the perception that it is endorsing a specific political agenda. The bureau⁤ should prioritize⁣ the American flag as a symbol of unity and patriotism,‍ rather than aligning itself with⁢ divisive social ⁢movements.

The criticism from ‍social media users also points to concerns about the agency’s priorities. Instead of ⁢focusing on important

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