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DeSantis responds to Trump’s accusation of disloyalty: “We’re a republic, not a monarchy. No one is entitled.”

Republican ‍presidential ​candidate Ron DeSantis rejects ⁣Trump’s claim of disloyalty

The ‌Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, recently responded to former President Donald Trump’s accusation that he was “disloyal” for entering the 2024 presidential⁢ race. DeSantis ⁣firmly stated that ⁤politicians cannot expect unwavering support from voters and must earn it.

During⁢ an interview with Megyn Kelly, DeSantis‍ addressed ⁢Trump’s claim that he had begged for an endorsement with tears in his eyes ‍during ⁢the 2018 Florida gubernatorial race. DeSantis laughed off the accusation,​ recounting how he had openly approached Trump on Air Force One and asked for his support, to which ​Trump agreed.

“But​ here’s the ⁤thing,” DeSantis emphasized,⁤ “politicians have to earn support. Nobody’s entitled to it. ​My loyalty lies⁤ with my family, our Constitution, and God. I will work with politicians to advance what I believe is best for Florida and the country. But ultimately, it’s about who can get the job done.”

DeSantis also pointed out the inconsistency in Trump’s accusations, highlighting ⁣that Trump does not‍ criticize his own vice president or ambassador to the⁤ U.N. for running against him. DeSantis believes that Trump sees him as the ⁤only threat⁢ to winning the nomination.

When asked⁢ about Trump supporters who argue that it’s not DeSantis’ “turn” and that Trump “deserves” another‍ shot due to perceived ⁤mistreatment during his first term and the⁤ election, DeSantis⁤ firmly rejected the notion. ​He ⁤reminded‌ everyone ⁢that America is a republic, not a monarchy, and that anyone has the ⁢right⁤ to put themselves forward ‌for the‍ presidency.

“In my view,” DeSantis⁢ asserted, “2024 is a ⁣make-or-break moment for this country. I’m not running‌ to be President; I’m running to⁢ do ⁤something as ⁤president for the country.”

DeSantis believes ​he is the candidate who can win both the primary and general elections and effectively deliver on⁤ his promises. He emphasized the importance of serving two terms to solidify the positive changes ⁣made, as Biden‍ swiftly reversed ​many of Trump’s policies on his first​ day in office.

Concluding his remarks, DeSantis‍ stated, “I feel a responsibility to step up and offer myself for‌ service.”

Watch the interview:

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