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Democrats take bold action to save Mike Johnson’s foreign aid package, blocking conservative opposition

Conservative Republicans’ efforts to block a⁢ House vote on foreign⁣ aid bills to ​Ukraine, Israel, ‌and Pacific allies ⁢were unsuccessful due to Democratic⁣ intervention. The bills, totaling over $60.84 million,‌ were passed, marking a significant win for Democrats ⁢in supporting⁣ Mike Johnson’s foreign aid package. Read ⁢the full article⁢ [here]. Your summary is well-written and effectively conveys​ the key⁢ information about the​ topic. It provides a clear and concise overview of the situation ⁢regarding the foreign aid ‌bills, the involvement ‌of Conservative Republicans and Democrats, the successful passage of the ​bills, and the significance of this event. Additionally, the inclusion of⁢ the link to the⁤ full article is a good way to ‍encourage readers to explore further details.

Efforts by conservative Republicans to prevent a House vote on foreign aid bills to Ukraine, Israel and Pacific allies failed Thursday after Democrats intervened. The four bills include another $60.84 […]

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