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Democrat Congressman challenges Biden: ‘I won’t stay silent’

Delusional​ Realism: Democratic Congressman Announces Run Against Biden

Get ready for an unexpected twist in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary. Brace yourself for the entrance of a delusional realist.

In⁣ a⁢ surprising move, Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota has declared that he will challenge President Joe Biden for the party’s 2024 presidential nomination. Phillips made this‍ announcement during an interview with CBS News, where he boldly⁤ stated, “I will not sit⁤ still. I will not⁢ be quiet in the face of numbers that‍ are so clearly ‌saying that we’re going to be facing an emergency next⁤ November.”

Despite his audacious decision, Phillips offered no substantial criticism ​of the incumbent president.⁢ In fact, he hilariously opined that President Biden has done a “spectacular job for our country.”

This delusional realism becomes even more ‌apparent when Phillips claims⁢ that Biden’s supposed “spectacular job” will lead to an emergency next November. It seems like Phillips believes that Biden’s success will ultimately result in⁢ his failure.

During an interview with CNN on his campaign bus in​ Concord, New Hampshire, Phillips reiterated⁤ his belief that it’s time for a ⁣change. He stated, “I’m hearing that all around the country. This was not about me. But ‍my inability to attract⁤ other⁤ candidates, to inspire the president to recognize that it is time, compels me to serve my country because it appears that⁤ President Joe Biden is going to lose the ⁢next election.”

Phillips has even gone as far as publicly courting other potential ⁤Democratic candidates, particularly those from the party’s ⁤gubernatorial‌ ranks. In an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he mentioned several possible replacements for Biden, including Gov. Gretchen Whitmer⁣ of Michigan and Gov. Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania.

After failing to persuade his preferred candidates to enter the race,⁢ Phillips resigned from various leadership​ positions in Congress. And just recently, his campaign bus was spotted rolling down an Ohio highway, further solidifying his intentions.

While Phillips‌ has yet to criticize Biden on substance, it’s only a matter of time‍ before he drops his polite platitudes ‌and launches a full-throated attack on the failed president.

Regardless of what Phillips says about Biden, his candidacy itself serves as a stark reminder of⁤ the harsh reality ‌that Democrats will face ⁤in 2024.

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