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Consumer group reveals corporate funding for risky ‘Pride’ organization.

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Corporations Funding Controversial Nonprofit

Did you know that the corporations you support every day are secretly funneling millions of dollars to a progressive nonprofit? This organization promotes the mutation and castration of children, as well as online, anonymous conversations about sex between adults and children.

Consumers’ Research recently issued an alert, warning Americans about several companies that publicly donate to the Trevor Project, an LGBT activist organization. The Trevor Project claims to be building a “safer, more-inclusive world.”

The Trevor Project has partnerships with nearly 200 of America’s most recognized brands, including Disney, Bank of America, Kohls, NASCAR, Chipotle, and General Motors. These companies donate at least $50,000 a year to the nonprofit.

Some of these companies, like Disney and Bank of America, have a history of using consumer money to mock traditional marriage, biological sex, and constitutional rights. Others, like Chipotle, even create “pride” merchandise to enrich the Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project’s Controversial Mission

At first glance, the Trevor Project’s mission to “end suicide among LGBTQ+ youth” seems innocent. However, their approach involves affirming young people struggling with same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria, even subjecting them to irreversible mutilation and castration.

Data shows that transgender individuals, despite societal approval and disfigurement, are more likely to commit suicide than the general population. Yet, Republicans who seek to protect struggling minors from irreversible procedures face condemnation and wrath from the Trevor Project.

For years, the Trevor Project has used unreliable surveys, media amplification, and government support to advance its agenda, even in taxpayer-funded classrooms. Now, they are using funds from businesses you shop at to give children access to sexually-charged chat rooms with adults.

TrevorSpace: A Troubling Chatroom

TrevorSpace, marketed as a moderated online chatroom for LGBTQ+ youth, has been hijacked by over 400,000 users worldwide. Instead of a safe space, it has become a hub for sexually perverse content, aggressive gender-reassignment referrals, and troubled kids in need of psychological counseling.

The Trevor Project claims that these conversations are restricted to certain age categories and moderated. However, there is no system in place to confirm a person’s age, allowing minors to engage in explicit discussions with adults.

Due to the lack of age verification, there is a real concern that the chat room could be infiltrated by groomers and predatory adults.

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