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The Entire Transgender Industry Is Founded on Two Faulty Studies

Two Dutch studies It is a testament to the immense success of “gender-affirming” The Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine has deemed medical intervention on youth as bad research. 

This report is available. “The Myth of ‘Reliable Research’ in Pediatric Gender Medicine” Researchers published earlier in the month to show how the U.S. Transgender Industry Foundation studies from 2011 and 2014 should never have been accepted or acknowledged by the professional community. “unacceptably” Modern research standards are not met. These studies led the to a global movement for wrongly named persons “gender-affirming care,” It can result in hormone experimentation of youth and even irreversible mutilation.

According to the report, several major flaws were found in the Dutch studies. The study authors did not record the most successful cases, concluded that gender dysphoria was caused by cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers, and failed properly to examine the potential risks.

The American College of Pediatricians replied to the report in a Press release On January 25, organizations are urged to call for “reconsider current protocols for gender dysphoric children.”

“The entire pediatric transgender industry is based on these two Dutch studies,” Michelle Cretella, the immediate past executive director at ACPeds, and a spokeswoman on the advisory board for Advocates Protecting Children, shared her story with me. “This open access report is critical because it exposes the fraudulent foundation of pediatric transgender medicine in the United States.”

The Dutch studies were so fundamental to the U.S. Movement that Dr. Norman Spack, an American pediatric endocrinologist, opened the first U.S. pediatric gender clinic. “gender-affirming” Cretella explained that Cretella visited the Dutch physicians who published them to see if interventions could be made.

However, the authors concluded that if the studies were published today, they would have been deemed low-quality and not encouraged the use puberty blocking drugs, wrong-sex hormonal therapy, or surgery in confused children or young adults in general medicine settings.

‘No Evidence’ Genetic Cause

E. Abbruzzese and Stephen B. Levine have years of experience with so-called gender identity. They published a critique in Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. Levine is a psychiatrist who has been in the field since 1974.

Levine and his coauthors started to voice concerns about the Dutch studies in March 2022. The scientists published “Reconsidering Informed Consent for Trans-Identified Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults” to characterize the studies’ limitations. The January report is a follow up to the original report.

“We had no bias, we are just responding to and trying to articulate the limitations of the studies,” Levine shared his knowledge with me. “We are doing harm to an unknown percentage of kids, and the data that is supportive of this work does not really address the issue. The real issue here is what happens to these children when they get into their 20s and 30s.”

Youth who have had their hormones and surgeries performed on them “transitioned” Levine stated that many people face major hurdles in their happiness and productivity later on in life.

“After people have sex reassignment surgeries … they want more surgeries,” According to Levine “It’s very clear they have continued gender dysphoria. The idea that they are being ‘cured’ by affirmative care is an artifact, it’s a myth.”

Many people assume that hormones and surgical treatment are the only way to get medical intervention. “medical problem” But “we don’t have any evidence that this is genetically determined,” Levine spoke.

“Just because we have hormone treatment doesn’t mean there is a hormonal defect in the person,” He said. “People believe, erroneously, that there is some genetic, pre-determined factor here, but we have not been able to find a genetic cause.”

Cultural, interpersonal, psychological, and developmental factors all contribute to the development of a person’s behavior, Levine said. Gender dysphoria may be a result of psycho-social problems.

Biased, uncontrolled studies

Despite the fact that the Dutch studies had selection bias and uncontrolled variables, they were widely used in the U.S.

“The Dutch study researchers only took healthy kids from supportive and reasonably healthy families,” Levine spoke. “They carefully screened kids, so if they had major developmental problems they were not included in the studies. But in the U.S. … the vast majority of these kids have a history of psychiatric issues before they developed gender dysphoria. The Dutch rejected these kids from their research.”

In the beginning, there were 196 participants in the Dutch study. However, 70 people were accepted into the protocol. The protocol was only completed by 55 people.

In addition to having selection bias, the study wasn’t controlled.

“Wisely, the Dutch people gave these kids and their families continued psychotherapy during this protocol,” Levine spoke. “Is the positive results they found due to the psychotherapy, improvement as they got older, or affirmative care? This is an uncontrolled study. They cannot make conclusions about what caused what. But the world took this as scientific evidence.”

In the U.S., youth who had rapid-onset gender dysphoria and didn’t even meet the baseline criteria for the Dutch study began receiving interventions in pediatric clinics, with doctors utilizing the studies as justification.

Levine stated that there was less awareness of autism when the Dutch started the project. Levine stated that a very high percentage of these children have been brought to American facilities by autistic parents.

Courageous Pediatricians Resist

ACPeds doctors have been vocal against the use of sexual disfigurement and medical intervention for youth with gender dysphoria since years.

“There are a handful of us physicians within ACPeds and across the country who have the courage and expertise to speak out on this issue,” Cretella said. “When we are able to do so in an environment open to dialogue, we are met with significant appreciation and affirmation by fellow physicians and laypersons alike.”

Most colleagues, Cretella said, appreciated ACPeds’ stance, acknowledging that the studies affirming medical intervention in gender dysphoric youth were likely flawed or fake; but too many feared losing their jobs to speak out against transgender interventions.

“Trans interventions are big money,” Cretella said. “Billionaire elites promote trans ideology over truth across all public institutions and media platforms, and [in America] a severe cancel culture results in everything from severe harassment and doxing to ending one’s career.”

Cretella noted that signs are beginning to emerge of sound medical ethics winning over junk science.

The United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland have all seen cultures that accepted transgender interventions for youth as a way of life. France has advised greater caution in these cases.

The United States has a governor. Ron DeSantis (Republican from Florida) has grounded his administration in medical ethics, and used the best science to establish pro-child Cretella stated that gender confusion can be treated with psychotherapy.

At the moment, 13 states are also trying to make similar legislative moves.

Ashley Bateman works as a policy writer and blogger at Ascension Press. Her work has appeared in The Washington Times and The Daily Caller, The New York Post and The American Thinker among many other publications. As an adjunct scholar at The Lexington Institute, she also worked as editor, writer, photographer and photojournalist for The Warner Weekly, which is a publication for the American Military Community in Bamberg.

Ashley is a member of the board at a Catholic homeschool cooperative. She lives in Virginia with her four children and her brilliant engineer/scientist husband.

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