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Climate activists attempt to disrupt dance show, but cameraman stops them.

Climate Activists Disrupt Swedish TV Show, Receive Rude Awakening

A group of climate activists attempted to disrupt a Swedish television program, but things didn’t go as planned. The activists rushed the stage of Friday’s broadcast of “Let’s Dance” on TV4, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

However, one of the activists was promptly met with a blow from an overhead camera rig. The incident was caught on camera and has since gone viral on social media. Miljöaktivist stormar Charlotte Kallas dansnummer mitt under finalen #letsdance2023 #charlottekalla #fyp #fypシ #4u #hantse #foryou #forypupage ♬ originalljud –

The activists, affiliated with the group Restore Wetlands, deployed powdered paint and a banner in the midst of a dance performance by Olympic cross-country skier Charlotte Kalla and her partner, Tobias Karlsson, the report said.

It’s unknown if the cameraman intended to strike the heckler with the rig, with the timing of the act suggesting he may have merely intended to block them off. Security personnel arrived seconds after the camera rig struck one activist with considerable force.

Did the cameraman do the right thing?

Let’s Dance Interrupted by Climate Change Protest

During a live performance on Let’s Dance, dancers Karlsson and Kalla were interrupted by an unexpected guest – a camera-wielding climate change protester. The protester, part of the Återställ Våtmarker movement, ran onto the stage with a sign reading “Restore Wetlands” and began shouting about the government’s inaction on climate change.

Despite the disruption, Karlsson and Kalla continued their performance, unfazed by the protester’s statement of political militancy. Another angle of the act captured the moment the camera collided with a demonstrator – from the perspective of the impromptu crowd control device.

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Climate Activists Try to Disrupt Dance Show, but Cameraman Saves the Day

“A number of people made it onto the stage,” Forsberg said, according to the Daily Mail. “It was handled by on-site personnel and the police were quickly called to the recording, which expelled them from the venue.”

Who’s Behind the Disruption?

One activist involved in the display has been identified as Tina Kronberg Berggren, according to the Daily Mail. Berggren has been linked with the extremist group Extinction Rebellion.

How Did the Cameraman Save the Day?

TV4 communications director Charlie Forsberg indicated police expelled the activists from the venue after the interruption. Fortunately, the cameraman was quick to react and brought an end to their stunt.

What Happened Next?

It was unknown Monday whether the hecklers were facing criminal charges. Stay tuned for updates.

Source: The Western Journal

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