Bud Light faces major setback as new brand claims top spot as America’s best-selling beer.

Goodbye Bud Light: Modelo Takes the Crown as ​America’s Best-Selling Beer

As one of those snobby craft beer drinkers who has ⁣tried his hand at home brewing, I ‍feel ⁢my bias should be disclosed ⁤ahead of time.

Bud Light isn’t ‍exactly the prime rib of‍ beers (and the fact⁢ that many of these corporate beers are brewed with rice just never sat right with me).

However, even​ I feel a bit of nostalgia-driven sadness at the downfall of such‌ an American icon — to a Mexican beer, no less.

“Sales of⁣ Modelo at grocery and beer stores have surpassed Bud Light’s over the course ‍of 2023, … the first⁢ time Modelo has ever ⁣beaten Bud Light on a year-to-date basis.”

“It’s a significant ​move for ‍Modelo since⁢ Bud Light has held the position of America’s top-selling beer for the⁤ large part of the past two decades.”

The ongoing Dylan Mulvaney ​controversy, which all resulted from a short promo​ featuring ‌the transgender influencer, has ‍cost⁢ Bud Light dearly.

You cannot support the latest⁢ cultural debauchery ‌at the prospect of political‌ and social clout (which‌ Bud Light‌ mistakenly confused with real popularity and profitability, ⁢to its great regret) and expect to retain the⁢ average American worker.

Family men have zero interest in supporting, let alone celebrating, deviant behaviors. In fact, as the recent smash hit “Rich Men North​ of ‌Richmond” demonstrated, the working​ Joes have ‌had just about enough of big corporate fat cats destroying their society and​ creating⁤ a “new world.”

So as much as I am not personally impacted by the⁢ decline ⁢of a ⁣watered-down light beer, it ⁤still saddens ‌me to see ⁣a hallmark American brand‍ sell out.

It should also be stated here that this victory for Modelo should not⁤ necessarily be ⁤seen as a victory for conservatives‌ if the battle is against woke globalist corporations.

Not just because Modelo ⁣is Mexican ​and probably would not be so ​popular if it weren’t for illegal ⁤immigration to⁣ the U.S. (see The⁣ Economist‌ here). But also because Modelo is owned ⁣by the same ⁣international conglomerate as Bud Light ‍— Anheuser ⁣Busch InBev.

AB InBev is the real‍ enemy of the conservative beer drinker, of traditional American values and the​ working class. It represents the opposite of all of those things, and rewarding another one of its many brands isn’t exactly sticking it to the man.

I say ​this not to rain on anyone’s parade, but to remind everyone that the battle‍ is bigger than most people realize.

The fall of Bud Light proved that the right can boycott just as well as if not better than the⁢ left, but‌ the rise ⁣of Modelo shows​ that the actual challenge of globalist corporations is yet ‍to be tackled.

So‍ yes, stop drinking Bud Light, but don’t drink Modelo either.

Instead, ⁢look to your local breweries. I for one have Straub and⁤ Yuengling in my state, the latter actually having taken on Bud⁣ Light’s wokeism head-on, and ⁤both are superior products for comparably affordable prices.

Bud‍ Light and Modelo⁣ paint a clear picture⁢ of what ⁢a company like AB InBev envisions for the future of America — namely, ​working-class‍ Christians being replaced by sterile transgender TikTokers and Mexican illegal ​immigrants.

One might‌ feel hopeless at this. But we have power with every dollar we‍ earn and ⁤spend.

So let us choose a beer that represents who we are and not who the globalists want us to be. Let us choose a beer that represents⁣ American values ​and the American worker.

Don’t just boycott Bud Light. Boycott⁣ AB InBev.

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