Blaze journalist detained for Jan. 6 offenses

Steve⁣ Baker at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. (Photo via; U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia)

OAN Reporter Steve ⁢Baker Arrested for Capitol Reporting

OAN’s Abril Elfi
10:48‍ AM – Saturday, March 2, 2024

The Blaze reporter Steve Baker has been arrested and charged due to his reporting of the‍ January 6th event at⁣ the‍ Capitol.


On​ Friday, Baker⁣ was charged with entering⁣ restricted grounds, disorderly conduct, and parading and picketing in the Capitol.

The charges ⁤come after Baker broke major stories involving U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn and Capitol ​Police Special Agent David Lazarus.

“Steve’s actions‍ on January 6 have been known ‌to the Department of Justice for 3 years,” Baker’s​ attorneys⁢ said in a January press release. “But it is only now—after Steve has broken two major stories, greatly⁣ embarrassing​ to ⁣the DOJ—that he is possibly ⁢being targeted for arrest and⁤ possibly ‍felony prosecution. Any action taken to put him⁣ in handcuffs, hold him in ⁢custody, and have him transported to court‍ by federal law enforcement will be nothing other than retaliation for⁤ his recent reporting.”

Baker’s ⁣attorney was reportedly told by a federal prosecutor last week that his client was ⁤expected to show up at​ the field office ⁤dressed in “shorts and⁤ sandals.” ⁤According to Baker, this indicated that the government intended to “humiliate” him by handcuffing him, putting‍ on an orange jumpsuit, and performing the “prison transport ⁢routine,” as reported ​by Blaze ‌Media.

“They ⁢didn’t have to go⁤ this route,” Baker told Blaze News last week. “We have been told that my charges are only ​misdemeanors. And my attorneys have been assured that⁤ this will be an ‘in and out’ affair with ‘no intention’ to detain me. But rather than issuing⁢ a simple order to appear, they ‍went the ‘arrest warrant’ route.”

Baker’s Dallas attorney, James Lee Bright, ​told Blaze News that withholding ⁢the nature of the charges against his client is a “really unusual” move.

“I’m going to pray, and then I’m going to put on my suit and tie and walk⁢ in with my head up,” Baker said.

Baker turned himself in ‍at 7​ a.m., wearing his ⁣suit and tie.

In the more than three years since⁢ the January 6th event, more than 1,300 people have‌ been placed under arrest, and more than 900 convictions have been obtained by the prosecution.

For ‍the kind⁢ of misdemeanor ‌charges that⁤ Baker​ is⁢ facing, the range of sentences has been from brief probation to 22 years in federal prison for‍ Enrique Tarrio of the Proud Boys due to his conviction for seditious conspiracy.

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How does Steve⁤ Baker’s arrest​ raise concerns about the freedom of the press and retaliation​ for investigative ⁢reporting?

Title:​ OAN Reporter Steve Baker Arrested for Capitol ‍Reporting


On Saturday, March 2, 2024,‌ Steve Baker, a reporter from The Blaze, ‍was arrested and charged for his coverage ⁤of the January 6th event at the Capitol. The charges include entering restricted grounds,⁤ disorderly ⁣conduct, and parading⁢ and picketing in the Capitol. This ⁤incident raises concerns about ⁢the freedom of the press ​and retaliation for investigative reporting.


Steve ‍Baker gained recognition for breaking major stories involving U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn and⁣ Capitol ​Police Special Agent David Lazarus. However, Baker’s attorneys suggest that his‌ recent arrest is a result of his embarrassing coverage of the Department of​ Justice‌ (DOJ).

Unusual Circumstances Surrounding​ the Arrest:

Baker’s‌ attorney⁣ revealed that a federal prosecutor informed him that‌ Baker was expected to appear at the field office dressed casually. This⁢ led Baker and his legal team to believe that the government ⁤intended to humiliate him by handcuffing him, dressing him in ⁤an orange jumpsuit, and subjecting him to the ⁤routine of prison transport. These actions are perceived as retaliatory‍ measures.

Concerns⁤ about Press Freedom:

Baker’s attorneys argue that his actions on January 6th were known to the DOJ⁢ for three ‌years but were only ​pursued after he⁢ broke two major stories ⁤that embarrassed the department. This⁢ sequence of ⁣events raises suspicions of the authorities specifically targeting Baker ‌to halt his ⁢investigative reporting, which represents an infringement on press⁣ freedom.

Unprecedented Charges and Lack of Transparency:

James Lee Bright, Baker’s attorney, expressed his concerns about‍ the government’s decision to withhold the nature of the ‌charges‌ against his client, ⁢deeming it a‌ highly ‍unusual move.⁢ The lack of ​transparency adds to the ambiguity surrounding Baker’s arrest and raises questions about the⁤ legality and motivation behind it.

Legal Ramifications and Inequality in Sentencing:

Since the January 6th event, over 1,300 people have been arrested, with more than 900 convictions⁤ obtained. However, the severity of sentencing for misdemeanors varies greatly.​ Some individuals have received brief probation, while others, such ​as Enrique Tarrio of the Proud Boys, have been sentenced to 22 years in‌ federal prison ⁣for seditious ​conspiracy. This inconsistency ⁤highlights the potential inequality in the criminal justice system.


Steve Baker’s arrest raises concerns about press freedom and retaliation against journalists for their coverage. The circumstances surrounding his arrest, such as the alleged intention to humiliate him, suggest a ‍targeted⁤ effort to suppress his reporting.‌ As‌ the legal proceedings unfold,‍ it is crucial to‌ ensure that ⁢journalists remain unimpeded in their pursuit of truth and that the ‍principles of⁢ press freedom are rigorously upheld.

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