Burisma insisted Hunter Biden contact his father amidst U.S. anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.

Two days ⁣before Burisma executives pulled Hunter Biden aside to call his father, they received a memorandum ​outlining ‌the U.S.’s plan to push Ukraine to implement anti-corruption reforms. This memo,‍ released by the ‌House Ways⁢ and Means Committee, raises questions about Hunter Biden’s phone call and the potential ⁢special access given to his connections.

The recently released memo, dated ⁢December 2, 2015, is significant when combined with ⁤other details related to the ⁣Ukrainian scandal. It suggests that⁤ Hunter Biden may have helped his business partner’s company, Blue Star Strategies, gain access to senior Obama administration officials.

Prior​ to the ⁤first impeachment‌ inquiry hearing, the​ House Ways and Means Committee released documents that implicate Joe Biden in ⁤a pay-to-play scheme. Of particular interest⁤ is the memorandum ⁣from Blue Star Strategies to Burisma Holdings, Ltd., regarding “U.S. Vice President Biden’s Trip to Ukraine Next Week.”

Hunter ⁤Biden’s involvement with Burisma and Blue Star Group, which ‌lobbied for the Ukrainian energy giant, raises questions about his connections to the Obama-Biden administration. The memo reveals that ​Blue Star Strategies participated‌ in a conference call with senior Obama administration officials, which is⁤ unusual for a lobbying group. ⁢

Furthermore, the memo discloses that Michael Carpenter and Dr. Colin Kahl, both senior administration officials, ⁣presented the agenda for ⁣the trip and discussed U.S. policy toward Ukraine. This raises concerns about how Blue​ Star Strategies obtained an‍ invitation to the call, as it was meant for‌ select media outlets only.

It is also troubling that Blue Star Strategies disregarded the call’s confidentiality by revealing specific details to Burisma. ⁤The memo highlights Kahl’s response to questions about‍ Ukraine’s anti-corruption efforts and reforms.

During⁢ his trip to Ukraine, Vice President Biden threatened to withhold U.S. loan guarantees unless the Ukrainian president fired the prosecutor general. This action, combined with Hunter Biden’s call to his father, ⁤raises suspicions about the motivations behind the firing.

Despite claims that the firing was unrelated to Hunter Biden’s ⁤work, the memo clearly shows that⁢ the vice president ⁣intended to discuss anti-corruption efforts and ⁢reforms⁢ with Ukraine’s president. Burisma ⁤had a vested interest in ensuring that Joe Biden remembered Hunter’s connection to the company.

Hunter’s call to his father served that purpose, even if it was just about the weather.


What are the implications of‌ the timing of Hunter ​Biden’s⁣ phone⁣ call with Burisma executives and‍ the U.S.’s plan to push ‍Ukraine to implement anti-corruption reforms?

‌A administration and the⁤ potential⁢ conflict of interest it may have created. The ​released memo outlines⁢ the U.S.’s plan to push⁤ Ukraine to implement anti-corruption‌ reforms, and it is‍ concerning that⁢ Hunter Biden’s phone ⁣call with ​Burisma executives occurred just days ⁢before this memo was received.

The timing of these events raises suspicions about the special access ⁣and influence that ‍Hunter Biden may have had due to his connections. It is​ important ⁣to note that Hunter Biden’s ‌business ⁢partner’s company, Blue Star Strategies, is mentioned in the memo, further implicating him in potentially using ⁤his connections⁤ to gain access to ​senior Obama administration officials.

This recent memo, dated December 2, 2015, adds⁢ to the⁢ growing ⁤evidence surrounding the Ukrainian scandal. It ​suggests that Hunter ‍Biden may have played a role in ⁣helping Blue Star Strategies gain favor and access with the Obama administration. This raises serious questions ‌about⁣ the⁤ integrity of the Obama administration and the potential conflicts ​of interest that may have been present.

Furthermore, prior to the ‍first impeachment⁢ inquiry, the House Ways and Means Committee released documents that implicate Joe Biden in a pay-to-play scheme. In particular, the memo from Blue Star Strategies to Burisma Holdings, Ltd. ‌regarding “U.S. Vice President Biden’s Trip to Ukraine Next ⁤Week” is‌ of great interest. This ‍memo suggests a⁤ connection between Joe ‍Biden’s official visit to Ukraine​ and the‍ business interests of Burisma and Blue⁤ Star Group.

The involvement of ⁤Hunter ⁣Biden with Burisma and Blue Star Group, as well as the potential influence it may have had on the Obama administration, raises serious concerns. It is essential for these matters to be thoroughly investigated to ensure transparency⁤ and⁤ accountability.

The release of this memo has added another layer to ⁢the ongoing discussion about⁢ the Ukrainian scandal and the potential involvement of the Biden family. It is crucial for the truth to be uncovered and for any⁣ potential ​conflicts ⁣of⁢ interest to be addressed.

In conclusion, the recently released memo outlining the U.S.’s plan to push Ukraine to ‌implement anti-corruption reforms raises ⁢questions about Hunter Biden’s phone call with Burisma executives. It suggests that he⁢ may have used his ⁤connections⁢ to help his business partner’s company gain access⁢ to​ senior⁤ Obama administration officials. This adds to the growing evidence surrounding the Ukrainian scandal and⁣ highlights the need⁢ for further investigation into the potential conflicts​ of interest involving the Biden family and the Obama administration.

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