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Tucker Carlson: Hunter Biden’s Charges in a Fair System

Tucker Carlson Exposes Biden’s Weaponization of DOJ and Sweetheart Deal for Hunter Biden

In a scathing smackdown, Tucker Carlson reveals how President Joe Biden has shamelessly weaponized the Department of Justice to prosecute his political opponents while giving a sweetheart deal to his troubled son, Hunter Biden.

According to Carlson, there is a clear two-tiered justice system in place. Alleged felonies committed by Hunter Biden are handled with leniency, while accusations against former President Donald Trump and others disliked by the president and his party are aggressively pursued.

Carlson highlights the fact that Hunter Biden was only charged with minor tax offenses, while his violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act went completely ignored by his father’s DOJ.

Recently, Hunter Biden agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax evasion charges and enter a pretrial diversion agreement for an illegal gun possession charge. Carlson argues that this contrived sweetheart deal is an attempt to deceive the public into thinking that Hunter is being held accountable, while masking the larger alleged crimes he committed.

Carlson points out the overwhelming evidence that Joe and Hunter Biden’s financial lives are deeply intertwined. He mentions the suggestion that they even shared a bank account and that Hunter admitted to kicking back cash from his foreign business deals to his father.

According to Carlson, the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Biden family’s alleged influence-peddling scheme was potentially a disaster for the White House. To preemptively whitewash any damaging findings, Joe Biden’s handlers set up an MSNBC interview.

The committee’s explosive findings, released on May 10, revealed that the Biden family received over $10 million from foreign nationals and their related companies. Despite these revelations, the DOJ refused to prosecute Hunter or anyone else in the Biden family.

Carlson expresses disbelief at the lack of consequences for Hunter Biden’s actions. There were no dramatic raids, perp walks, or press conferences. Most notably, Hunter Biden escaped a Foreign Agent Registration Act charge, despite acting as a foreign agent for years.

Carlson highlights the selective enforcement of the FARA Act, which was rarely enforced until the Justice Department began targeting Trump aides for alleged violations. He argues that Hunter Biden should also be charged with multiple FARA violations.

The lesson to be learned from the Biden DOJ’s handling of Hunter Biden compared to its treatment of political opponents is that there is no equal justice under the law. The children of those in power face no penalties, while ordinary citizens are held accountable for even minor infractions.

Carlson concludes by stating that the inversion of virtue is evident in Hunter Biden’s life and the Biden administration. What was once considered admirable is now derided, and what was once contemptible is now celebrated. He warns that if Biden’s presidency continues, things will only get worse for the nation.

Source: The Western Journal

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