Bill Gates Comments on Wyoming’s New Nuclear Plant: ‘Bipartisan Support for Nuclear Power is Remarkable

Bill Gates stated during a CBS News interview that he believes there is substantial​ support for nuclear ⁣power⁢ within both major political parties in the United States. As ​of my last update,‍ there has been increased discussion about nuclear power in the United States, largely focusing on its role in providing ​a stable and carbon-neutral source⁢ of energy. While‍ Bill Gates has been known to express his views ​on nuclear energy, particularly regarding its potential ⁢to‍ combat climate⁣ pressure and meet energy⁣ demand without increasing carbon emissions,‍ the assertion that both major ‌political ‍parties substantially support nuclear power might be⁣ more nuanced.

Traditionally, nuclear power has seen divided opinions:

1. **Republicans** generally favor nuclear energy due to ⁤its efficiency, reliability, and ability to reduce dependence on foreign ​oil and gas. They often view nuclear power as a critical aspect ‍of national⁢ energy independence ‌and a way to advance clean energy technology without the variability of ‍renewable sources like ‌wind and solar.

2. **Democrats** have⁤ historically been more cautious about nuclear energy, ​concerned ​with issues related to nuclear waste, nuclear plant safety,‌ and the high⁢ costs associated with building new nuclear power plants. ‌However, there has‍ been a shift among some in the Democratic Party who⁢ see nuclear power as a‍ necessary part of the mix in reducing‌ carbon emissions, as evidenced ‌by its inclusion in various climate‌ policy proposals and discussions.

Bill Gates’ perspective likely emphasizes the growing acknowledgment across both ⁢parties that nuclear energy can be part ​of‍ a strategic approach‌ to tackling⁤ environmental challenges while⁤ supporting national energy needs. This stance is reflective ⁢of his ‌broader work around climate advocacy and technological⁢ solutions to achieve ​energy ⁢sustainability. Gates has been ‍particularly interested in next-generation nuclear‍ technology, which promises to be safer and more efficient, potentially overcoming some of​ the traditional objections to nuclear power.

When discussing these topics, it’s ​important to ​consider the specific context and ‌nuance in statements and policies from ‌different political parties and influential ⁣figures like Bill Gates. The public and political perspectives on ​nuclear energy are complex and can vary widely dependingulturadaptersal objectives, ​and the‌ ongoing developments in energy technology.

Billionaire Bill Gates said during an interview over the weekend that he believes that support for nuclear power is high in both of America’s major political parties.

Gates made the remarks during a Sunday CBS News interview with Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation” when asked about a a new nuclear power plant that is now being built in Wyoming.

He said that he wants the U.S. to build dozens of new nuclear power plants and that it should try to get more than 100 built.

Addressing the possibility of nuclear power plant melting down, Gates said: “A problem when you shut a rector down it still has heat. That’s why Chernobyl was a problem and Fukushima. Our design, that goes away because since we use this sodium to cool everything, it can absorb all that heat. And so those accidents were both first in generation, second generation reactors. The third generation reactors dealt with that with a lot of complexity. So, those reactors are quite safe, but the cost overruns meant that the electricity will be very, very expensive. We solved the safety problem with a much simpler approach, but we have to start from scratch.”

He said that he was “quite confident” that there will be support for continuing to expand America’s arsenal of nuclear power plants regardless of who wins the election this fall.

“I meet with lots of Republicans. I meet with lots of Democrats,” he said. “I’d say that the support for nuclear power is very impressive in both parties. The reasons they support nuclear power may not be identical. The Republicans may emphasize the security issues, you know, energy security, exporting these power things to the entire world. The Democrats value those things but they also value that it’s a clean source of energy.”

“You really don’t want the nuclear reactors around the world made by your adversaries because it’s economically a huge job creator and because the materials involved in these reactors possibly could be diverted,” he later added. “You want your eye on, you know, making sure that it’s not feeding into some military-related activity. And so the U.S. leadership in this space has a lot of strategic benefits.”


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