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Why Biden is Eager to Debate Trump

Joe Biden, trailing in polls,‌ challenges Trump⁣ to debates, contradicting previous avoidance tactics. Biden’s eagerness hints at his declining position. Trump’s potential strategy could exploit Biden’s perceived weaknesses. Debates proposed earlier to alter⁢ the narrative ‌before conventions. Biden’s team seeks controlled settings to prevent potential embarrassments. The timing and conduct of debates indicate strategic maneuvers amid electoral pressures.

Do you know the number one way to know Joe Biden is currently losing to Donald Trump?

It’s this: Biden now says he wants to debate him.

If Biden were ahead 10 points in the polls, there is no way in hell he would even consider getting on a stage with Trump.

In fact, he has set the precedent for not having debates for several years at this point by saying Trump is effectively a traitor to the country, a threat to democracy, a person you can’t have a reasonable conversation with, and a person who tried to overthrow the entire country on January 6. A “convicted felon,” is what he would plan to say if the current New York trial goes that way.

Therefore, he would say, “I won’t debate him.”

But now, Biden is saying he will debate Trump not just once, but twice. The only reason he wants that debate is because he is losing — and he knows he is losing.

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On Wednesday, Biden released a video in which he challenged Trump to two debates.

If you watch Biden in the 14-second video, you see his eyeline is off camera because he’s obviously reading. Not only that, there are five cuts in 14 seconds to say 51 words. It took them five cuts for him to make it through three sentences. Biden is less life-like than the animatronic of him at the Hall of Presidents at Disneyland.

And this dude thinks he’s going to make it through a two-hour debate with Donald Trump? All Trump has to do is avoid being the yellow screaming boar that he was during his first debate with Biden in 2020.

If Trump shows up and is muted, Biden is toast because he will fall asleep on the stage. They’ll pump him up with as much adrenaline as humanly possible without bursting his heart. They’ll have him in the back room getting him transfusions of blood from younger people in order to keep him propped up.

If this is what Biden wants, this is what Biden is going to get because Trump would be a fool not to take him up on the opportunity to get him on stage and ask him about his gigantic failures on every possible score. All Biden will focus on will be January 6 and the election denial. That’s it.

All Trump has to do is say, “Listen, we disagree on all of those things, but you’re a terrible president and everyone knows it.” Biden is a terrible president and everyone knows it.

The New York Times reported, “Mr. Biden opened the exchange on Wednesday by saying he was willing to debate Mr. Trump twice before the election, and as early as June, but on the condition that the arrangements bypassed the nonpartisan organization that has managed presidential debates since 1988.”

Typically, if you’re complaining about the refs, you’re losing. That’s been the preserve of Republicans for a very long time because it turns out that the Presidential Debate Commission has always been biased toward Democrats.

Usually, the moderators are members of the political Left who are incredibly friendly to the Democratic candidates, perhaps the most famous instance of which occurred in 2012 when Candy Crowley of CNN intervened in a debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in order to falsely fact-check Romney in favor of Obama.

There’s a long history of this sort of activity. John Harwood moderated a debate that was absolutely terrible. There’s a long history of mainstream media journalists who have treated the debate as their own personal political preserve.

And so the fact that it’s not Trump saying he doesn’t want the Commission on Presidential debates, but it’s Biden saying so, shows that Biden thinks he’s weak.

The Times continued, saying, “Mr. Biden and his top aides want the debates to start much sooner than the dates proposed by the organization, the Commission on Presidential Debates, so voters can see the two candidates side by side well before early voting begins in September.

The actual reason they want the debate scheduled earlier is because they’re desperately hoping to shift the narrative before they hit the conventions. Since the convention for the Democrats happens in August, there are likely to be massive protests outside the convention. Biden’s steering of this country has been so terrible that he’s figuring if he doesn’t course-correct quickly, he’s in serious, serious trouble.

The Biden team wants the debate inside a TV studio. They don’t want a crowd because they’re afraid that if there’s a crowd, people will laugh at Trump’s lines. They want microphones that automatically cut off when a speaker’s time-limit lapses to prevent Trump from being able to jab in and ask any questions of Biden.

The New York Times analyzed the reasoning, saying, “The move suggests that Mr. Biden is willing to take some calculated risks to reverse his fortunes in a race in which most battleground-state polls show the president trailing Mr. Trump and struggling to persuade voters that he’s an effective leader and steward of the economy.”

In other words, Biden is counting on Trump to blow himself up during one of these debates the same way that he did in 2020. In the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden, Trump came out incredibly aggressive, and he wouldn’t let Biden get a word in edgewise. Eventually, Biden just said, “Shut up, man.” And even though Biden was a terrible candidate and Trump was a better president than Biden would be, the dynamic was such that it did not cut in Trump’s favor.

If Donald Trump appears under control, Joe Biden is in serious trouble. The reason Biden wants the debates is because he’s counting on the focus shifting to Trump. The reality is that Biden is counting on the fact he’s gotten rich messages from the media every time he’s appeared on a public dais for the last three and a half years. When he does a State of the Union address and doesn’t keel over, the media treat it as a victory for Biden.

The standard is really low for Biden. All he has to do is surpass that.

But — if he is asked on the stage about Afghanistan, about Gaza, about Ukraine, about inflation, about transgenderism, or any of the hot button issues in this election cycle, he’s in serious trouble.

The only reason Biden wants the debates is because he knows he is losing right now.

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