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Biden’s 2000 Plagiarism Incident Concealed by Harvard Journal: Report

Joe Biden’s History of Plagiarism

In a ‍shocking revelation, it has been reported that Joe Biden, who already had a history of plagiarism, plagiarized once again in an⁣ article he wrote for the Harvard Journal ‌on Legislation in 2000. What’s ‌even more surprising is that the editors of the journal covered for him ‍by fixing the article before publishing it.

A Pattern of Plagiarism

Roger Severino, a vice president ​at the Heritage Foundation, shared this story ⁤on X, highlighting how “brazen”⁣ Biden was considering his previous instances of plagiarism. Back in ​1965, while studying at Syracuse Law ⁢School, Biden was caught plagiarizing five pages from ⁣a law ‍review ⁣journal. Then, in 1987, he dropped out of the presidential race after ​being exposed for plagiarizing a speech from Neil Kinnock, the former leader of Britain’s Labour‌ Party,‍ during a ‍Democratic primary debate.

According to Severino, the court opinion Biden plagiarized from was‍ likely the dissenting ⁤opinion⁣ authored by Judge Diana ‍Jane Gribbon Motz of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Brzonkala v. Virginia Polytechnic ​Institute.

A Shocking Discovery

Severino, ⁤who⁢ was a junior editor at the Harvard Journal on ​Legislation at the ​time, revealed his experience‍ in a ‌thread on X. ‍He wrote, “My‍ first assignment was to cite check an article submitted​ by one Sen. Joseph R. Biden. I was ⁣shocked by the plagiarism I discovered.”

Severino continued, ‌”As I was interested in the article’s topic on civil rights, I read through the cited ‌cases thoroughly. That’s when I noticed a certain turn of ​phrase in an opinion that sounded oddly familiar, even though it was my first time reading it. So I went back to Biden’s article, and there⁣ it was. He had lifted language straight out of a SCOTUS opinion, ​made a​ few changes, ‍and claimed it as his own. There were no quotation ⁣marks, footnotes, or any attribution to the court as the ⁤source.”

Upon further examination, Severino discovered that multiple other phrases in Biden’s article were also plagiarized from various opinions. He believed this warranted rejecting ‍the‍ article outright for plagiarism and presented ‍the indisputable proof to the lead editor. However, instead of acknowledging​ Severino’s efforts to protect the integrity of the journal, the ⁢editors‌ covered‌ for Biden. They “fixed” the⁤ plagiarism by adding ⁤proper attributions and acted as if‍ the incident never occurred.


Severino recalled, “But this was no innocent mistake, where Biden ‘forgot’ a quote mark​ or two,‌ which would be bad ‌enough. Instead, he engaged in ‘mosaic plagiarism,’ which involves taking a quote and replacing some words with synonyms to make the plagiarism harder​ to detect. This indicates what’s known in law as ‘consciousness of guilt.’

In conclusion, Severino emphasized that Biden was already known for his previous instances ‌of plagiarism, yet he was audacious enough to ⁤attempt it again.

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