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Biden Judicial Nominee Pledged To Ignore Oklahoma Abortion Law — Then Lied About It To Congress

Oklahoma Judge Nominee Sara Hill Accused of Lying About Abortion Laws

Oklahoma district judge ‍nominee Sara Hill, a Cherokee herself and former attorney general of the Cherokee Nation, is facing scrutiny after allegedly lying⁣ about her stance on state abortion laws following the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling. During a⁤ Senate‌ Judiciary Committee hearing, Hill denied⁣ ever stating that she would ‍not enforce the law post-Dobbs, despite video evidence proving otherwise.

But that’s not the only‌ issue that arose during the disastrous nomination hearing.⁣ In a now-viral clip, Senator John Kennedy challenged Hill‍ to explain the difference between a “stay order” ‍and an ‌”injunction.” To everyone’s ⁣surprise, ⁣Hill struggled to provide⁤ a coherent‍ answer, raising doubts about ⁣her qualifications​ for a federal judgeship.

🚨President ⁣Biden’s district​ judge nominee Sara Hill was unable‌ to explain ⁤to @SenJohnKennedy the difference between a “stay order” and an “injunction.”

How‍ can⁤ an individual who wants to be a federal judge possibly not know this?

Senator Durbin ‌even congratulated Hill…

Despite these concerning revelations, leftist groups are celebrating Hill’s ⁣nomination as a historic milestone, as she would be the first Native American woman‌ to serve a lifetime appointment on a federal court in Oklahoma. However, as Senator Kennedy demonstrated, diversity alone does not guarantee qualification for a federal judgeship.

Political commentator Carl Jackson criticized the elevation of individuals based on ⁢identity politics, stating, “By‍ the end of the first year of law‌ school, ⁤there wasn’t a student in the class that couldn’t answer that with ease.” Others questioned the legitimacy of ‌Hill’s ⁢legal knowledge, sarcastically asking if she obtained her law degree from a “Cracker Jack box” or a ⁢”Woke University No Education School of Law.”

But the concerns surrounding Hill’s nomination go beyond her ​lack of basic legal understanding.⁢ As⁣ the ⁣Cherokee Nation’s ‍attorney general, Hill supported the McGirt v. Oklahoma Supreme Court decision, which transferred jurisdiction over tribal members in the ​eastern half of the state to native authorities. This decision has sparked jurisdictional conflicts between the state and tribes, with Oklahoma Governor Kevin ⁣Stitt describing it as a “fight for the very fabric of‌ our state.”

Despite the embarrassing hearing, President Biden continues to prioritize diversity in his judicial nominations. On the same day, he announced five more nominees, including Nicole Berner, who would be ‍the first​ openly homosexual‌ judge‍ on the⁢ Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and Adeel Mangi, who ⁣would be the‍ first Muslim-American circuit court judge if confirmed.

While diversity⁣ is important, ​it should not overshadow the need for qualified ⁢and knowledgeable individuals to serve as federal judges. Hill’s nomination⁣ raises​ serious doubts⁢ about her suitability for the position.

Evita Duffy-Alfonso is a staff writer for The Federalist and co-founder of ⁢the Chicago Thinker. She is passionate about the Midwest, lumberjack sports,⁢ writing, ⁤and her family. Follow her on​ Twitter at @evitaduffy_1 or contact her at [email protected].

⁣How does Sara Hill’s lack of understanding about basic⁤ legal terms and procedures, as demonstrated during the Senate Judiciary⁤ Committee hearing, raise doubts about her competence and preparedness for a federal judgeship?

Tenure ⁢as a federal judge. While diversity ‍and representation are important factors in judicial appointments, ⁣it is equally crucial to‍ ensure ‌that nominees⁢ possess ⁣the necessary qualifications and integrity to uphold the law ⁣and dispense justice fairly.

The allegations against Sara Hill raise serious⁤ doubts about her suitability for the role‍ of a district judge. By denying her previous statements regarding the enforcement of state abortion laws‌ after the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, Hill has undermined her credibility and⁣ integrity. This⁢ raises concerns about her willingness to uphold the law and respect legal ⁤precedents, which are fundamental ‍aspects of the judicial system.

Furthermore, Hill’s‌ inability to explain the difference between ‍a “stay order” and an “injunction” during the​ Senate Judiciary Committee hearing is deeply ⁣troubling. Understanding the nuances and technicalities of legal terms and procedures is ⁢a basic requirement for any aspiring judge. Hill’s failure to provide a coherent response casts ‌doubt on her grasp⁣ of‍ fundamental legal ‌concepts and raises questions about her competence and preparedness for a federal judgeship.

The nomination of a judge‍ should be ​based on merit, competence, and an ⁤unwavering commitment to ⁢the rule of‍ law. While the representation​ of diverse backgrounds is⁣ crucial, it should not‍ overshadow‌ the importance of selecting individuals who are qualified and​ capable of fulfilling ⁢their duties with impartiality and respect‌ for legal principles.

Leftist groups celebrating Hill’s nomination solely based on her identity as a Native American woman ‍is a myopic view that undermines the ⁣importance of competence and qualifications in the judiciary. It is essential to prioritize individuals who have a deep understanding⁤ of the law ‌and⁤ can impartially interpret and apply it, irrespective of their background.

The allegations against Sara Hill and her flawed performance during⁢ the Senate ⁤Judiciary Committee hearing highlight the​ need for a⁤ thorough and comprehensive vetting process for judicial nominees. It is essential to assess their knowledge, experience, and adherence to legal principles before appointing them⁢ to such vital⁢ positions.

The integrity and credibility of the judiciary are‍ pivotal for a just and fair society. Upholding the rule of law and ensuring impartiality in decision-making should be the utmost priority. The ‍allegations against Sara Hill ⁢raise ⁢legitimate concerns about ⁣her ability to meet these expectations. It is crucial for the Senate and the American public to critically evaluate ‌her‍ qualifications‍ and integrity before making⁢ a⁣ decision on her nomination⁤ for a district judge.

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