CNN Blasted for Hiring 'King of Viral Misinformation' Rex Chapman for Streaming Service


CNN has proudly announced that it has hired left-wing extremist and serial misinformation pusher Rex Chapman for its new subscription streaming service.

On Tuesday, CNN tweeted out its hiring of the ex-NBA player calling the move an act “worthy of a @RexChapman retweet,” plainly signaling that the cable network is fully aware of Chapman’s tweets.

Clearly, though, CNN has chosen to ignore the many, many times that Chapman pushed lies, doctored video, deceivingly edited quotes, and promoted misinformation on his Twitter account.

To name just a few of the false claims that Chapman tweeted out over the last few years, last July he tweeted that GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell was a mask scoffer early during the pandemic.

However, a look at the record shows that McConnell was one of the early members of the GOP to advocate for mask-wearing both in D.C. and at home in Kentucky. Chapman was simply wrong on every point.

Amazingly, even a CNN “fact-checker” blasted Chapman for his lies:

Yet, CNN has hired Chapman, anyway.

The McConnell flap is far from the only time Chapman has pushed misinformation and lies on the Twitter account that CNN now lauds.

In January of last year, Chapman posted a faked video that purported to show a military band playing “Hit the Road Jack” on Trump’s last day in office.

But the real video posted by CNN’s Jim Acosta proves that Chapman’s audio is faked. Not only did Chapman get more than 25,000 retweets, he never deleted the lie-filled posting.

Chapman was also one of the leftists pushing the lie that mailboxes in Burbank, California, were locked to prevent residents from putting their mail-in ballots inside during the 2020 elections. He even doubled down on the li after the conspiracy theory was debunked.

In September he burnished his COVIDiot bona fides by attacking Virginia Tech for hosting a football game in Sept. calling the event the “COVID-Bowl.” Internet wags quickly noted that Chapman had attended a large sports event himself only days before attacking the school.

The ex-NBA player also lied about something Lindsey Graham said in Nov. of 2020. After leftists began attacking Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett because she is a Catholic, Graham came to her aid and the support of women who agree with her world view, saying that conservative women have a place in this society, too. But Chapman purposefully misconstrued Graham’s quote and presented it as if Graham was saying ONLY women who agree with the conservative world view have a place in America.

In another false tweet, Chapman lied about the circumstances of Breonna Taylor’s death:

This is blatantly false. The police officers who shot Taylor were not at the wrong house. The search warrant they had in their possession was made out for Taylor’s apartment because she and her boyfriend had a history of dealing drugs. Her name was on the warrant. Her boyfriend’s name was on the warrant. And there was even a photo of the couple’s front door on the warrant. Whether Taylor was innocent of the charges or not, the fact is the police were not at “the wrong house.”

Finally, just a month ago, Chapman tweeted that he wishes that hospitals would refuse to treat people if they are unvaccinated.

There was a time when leftists pushed the “universal healthcare” mantra even to those with preexisting conditions. Suddenly the left has found a group of people they want to deny universal healthcare. And why? Because liberals imagine that only white, Republicans don’t want to take the COVID vaccine.

Twitter users were quick to pounce on CNN for hiring Chapman.

This is the man CNN is so proud of hiring. If anyone imagined that CNN’s new streaming service would be a move back to real news, this hiring should disabuse them of that notion.

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