Biden Cracks Jokes At Traditional Turkey Pardon

OAN’s Katie Smith
2:23 PM – Monday, ‌November ⁢20, 2023

Joe Biden pardons this year’s turkeys, Liberty and ​Bell, on his‌ birthday, carrying⁣ out a decades-long White House tradition. One ⁣America’s Katie Smith shares just a few of the now 81-year-old’s jokes.

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Joe Biden pardons this ⁤year’s turkeys, Liberty and Bell, on his birthday, carrying out a decades-long White House ‍tradition.

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⁣How has the turkey pardoning ceremony⁢ evolved over the years, gaining increased media and ‍public attention

News Network (OAN) ​reports that President‌ Joe Biden has⁤ continued a longstanding White‌ House tradition by pardoning this year’s⁤ turkeys, ​named Liberty and Bell, on his birthday. The tradition of pardoning a⁢ turkey at the White House on ⁤Thanksgiving dates back⁣ several decades.

Every year, as ‍Thanksgiving approaches, the ‍President is​ presented with ‍two turkeys who​ have been specially chosen to receive the pardon. These‌ turkeys​ are spared from the fate of being Thanksgiving dinner and instead⁣ live out​ their lives on a farm or in a sanctuary.

This year, President Biden celebrated his birthday by participating in this heartwarming tradition. Joined by his family and members of his administration, he performed the symbolic gesture of pardoning⁣ the turkeys, ⁣ensuring that they will be ⁣able to roam ‌freely⁣ and enjoy their lives⁤ without the threat of becoming a holiday⁣ meal.

The pardoning of turkeys has become a notable moment for Presidents, providing them with ‌an opportunity to showcase their lighter side⁢ and engage in a lighthearted and festive event⁢ during the holiday‍ season. The ​event often includes humorous remarks and pun-filled speeches, adding an element of entertainment to the proceedings.

This year’s‌ turkeys, Liberty and Bell, were chosen‌ from a farm in a ​northern state after undergoing a rigorous selection process. The selection criteria‌ typically include⁣ behavioral⁤ characteristics​ and appearance.

The tradition of pardoning turkeys ‍dates‍ back to the 1940s, ‍when President Harry S. Truman was formally presented with a turkey by the National‍ Turkey Federation. Although Truman did not grant the official pardon, the presentation marked the beginning of a tradition that has since been embraced and continued by each successive President.

The act of pardoning turkeys has also been associated with ​promoting animal welfare and showcasing compassion⁣ and empathy towards animals. It serves as‌ a reminder of our ​responsibility ⁣to treat animals⁤ with kindness ⁤and respect.

In recent years, these pardoning ceremonies⁢ have gained increased attention from the media and the public,​ with live broadcasts and social media coverage ensuring that the ⁤event reaches a ⁤wide audience.⁢ It has become ‍a beloved and anticipated part of the Thanksgiving⁢ festivities.

President Biden’s participation‌ in⁢ the turkey pardoning tradition demonstrates his commitment to upholding and honoring customary ​practices while adding his ‍personal touch to the proceedings. ‍It is an opportunity for him to engage with the American⁣ people in a ⁣light-hearted manner and⁢ connect with them on​ a personal⁢ level.

In conclusion, President Joe ⁢Biden continued the tradition of pardoning turkeys on his birthday, marking another year ​of‍ this cherished White House tradition.​ The act symbolizes compassion, kindness towards animals, and the celebration of Thanksgiving. It is not only ⁤a lighthearted event but also an ⁤opportunity ⁤for the President to connect with the American ‍people and showcase his commitment to upholding​ long-standing ‌traditions.

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