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Pregnant woman targeted by armed attacker retaliates with gunfire.

A Pregnant Woman’s Heroic Act of Self-Defense Goes Viral

A video capturing the incredible moment a pregnant woman defended herself against an armed assailant has taken the internet by storm.

According to KTRK-TV in Houston, Texas, the woman, who was nine months pregnant, was delivering food to her husband at work when she was confronted by two men outside a store. However, she quickly turned the tables on them.

The brave woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, parked her car in front of the All Season Food Store where her husband was employed. Unbeknownst to her, two armed men were lurking in an SUV nearby.

As she exited her vehicle, the man in the passenger seat, armed with a rifle, emerged and angrily accused her of startling him. In response, she immediately called her husband for assistance.

Meanwhile, the man in the driver’s seat of the SUV, identified as 39-year-old Mario Duque, exited the vehicle and pointed a handgun at the couple. He menacingly repeated the question, “Do you want to die tonight?”

Without hesitation, the pregnant woman drew her own gun and shot Duque. Her husband also pulled out his firearm and fired at the assailant. As the chaos unfolded, the individuals in the green Charger fled the scene.

“No, they were not taking out my baby daddy before July 11 [the baby’s due date],” the woman later told KTRK-TV.

Duque was promptly arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon. Due to his previous convictions, he was prohibited from possessing firearms.

“Thank God we had our guns,” the woman expressed her gratitude to KTRK. “I’ve never been happier to be a gun carrier.”

The Importance of the Second Amendment

This remarkable incident underscores the significance of the Second Amendment in an increasingly dangerous world, particularly in cases like this.

It is evident that the woman was targeted due to her pregnancy, making her vulnerable to attack. However, as the saying goes, “God created men, Sam Colt made them equal,” referring to legendary firearms producer Sam Colt.

Essentially, Colt believed that possessing a firearm empowered individuals, even those who may appear weaker, such as a pregnant woman, to stand up against formidable adversaries like street thugs.

Without her gun, this woman and her husband may have tragically lost their lives. Instead, they were able to defend themselves, injure the criminal, and ensure his arrest.

It is crucial to remember that criminals often target those they perceive as easy victims, such as pregnant women, the elderly, or individuals who are physically or mentally disabled. Without the means to protect themselves, these innocent individuals are at risk of serious harm or even death.

Should More People Conceal Carry?

Should more people conceal carry?

It is the Second Amendment, which guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, that provides individuals like this courageous woman with a fighting chance against criminals.

This heartwarming story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of self-defense and the right to protect oneself and loved ones.

Remember, when individuals are armed, they have the ability to level the playing field and ensure their safety in a world that can often be dangerous.

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