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Brand faces backlash over photo shoot of trans person in sports bra.

Calvin Klein Faces Backlash for Pushing LGBT Agenda with Controversial Ad

Calvin Klein is the latest company to face backlash for pushing the radical LGBT agenda after an ad resurfaced in which the brand showcased a pair of obese women, one of whom claims to be a man.

The image features a woman lounging on a chair next to transgender model Bappie Kortram wearing a beard and a Calvin Klein sports bra.

The photo was released for the company’s 2022 “Pride” month promotion, but it just went viral amid the controversy over Bud Light and its partnership with transgender TikTok activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Kortram was described by the Daily Mail as a “trans man” who has not had “top surgery” (a double mastectomy). She has also modeled for Adidas.

The “Pride” month images from the 2022 photo shoot are still up on Calvin Klein’s U.K. website, according to the Mail.

Many jumped on social media to criticize the company for the woke ad.

This is far from the first time Calvin Klein has promoted the LGBT agenda in its advertising.

Back in 2020, the company featured nine gay and transgender models for its “Pride” campaign, including Jari Jones, who identifies as a “transqueer lesbian,” CNN Style reported.

Last year, Calvin Klein also rolled out a Mother’s Day ad campaign featuring a pregnant “man.”

The renewed focus on Calvin Klein comes as Bud Light, Adidas, Target and many other brands are facing the consequences of their woke pandering.

Will these massive corporations learn that going woke means going broke? Only time will tell. But we all need to keep the pressure on them or they won’t learn any lessons at all.

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