Thought of Attending Parole Hearing ‘Heartbreaking’: Slain NB RCMP Officer’s Wife

The Frau An appeal court reduced Justin Bourque’s parole eligibility, according to the victim.

Const. Nadine Larchche was Nadine’s spouse. Douglas Larche was also killed in the line-of-duty in Moncton (N.B.) on June 4, 2014. He was with two colleagues.

On Thursday, the New Brunswick Court of Appeal stated that it was “duty-bound” Following a Supreme Court of Canada ruling last year, Bourque’s parole eligibility period was reduced from the record-setting 75 years to 25 years.

A 2011 law that allowed judges to extend parole eligibility periods beyond 25 years for multiple murder convictions was struck down by the Supreme Court.

With the reduction in his sentence, Bourque — who was 24 at the time of the murders — should be able to apply for parole when he is 49 instead of 99.

“My girls were nine, eight and four when their father was murdered,” Larche stated this in an interview via text to The Canadian Press.

“The thought of us—of them—having to submit their own victim impact statement and attending parole hearings is simply heartbreaking.”

She knew she was going to have to make the decision, but she claimed it didn’t help with the trauma, hurt, and pain that had resurfaced.

“It breaks my heart that we are all going to have to revisit this yet again in 2039 and that my three children will also have to go through parole hearings.”

Bourque used semi-automatic guns to kill Dave Ross, Fabrice Gevaudan and Larche.

Gevaudan’s wife Angela Gevaudan said in a February 13 victim impact statement that she feels “hurt and abandoned as a victim in our criminal justice system.”

She told her daughter “looks over her shoulder” Since hearing about the Supreme Court’s decision.

“Even if she hasn’t been able to put it into words, I know in my mom’s heart that she fears for her own safety,” She said so in the statement.

“Of all my symptoms, my struggles, what is most difficult is seeing how it impacts her. It breaks my heart.”

Thursday’s New Brunswick Court of Appeal decision noted that the murder of a police officer by a gunman is a senseless tragedy. It results in the death of people who have given their lives for their community.

The court stated that the death leaves loved ones, friends, colleagues, as well as the whole community, in profound and long-lasting grief.

“Mr. Bourque committed horrendous crimes that damaged the very fabric of our society,” It said.

“Fuelled by hatred for authority, he took the lives of three innocent victims and injured two more. He not only left families devastated, but also left the local community and the law enforcement communities in a state of pain and anguish.”

Larche also echoed these sentiments.

Bourque, she claimed, shattered not only her home and heart but also affected the entire community.

“And beyond,” She said.

Larche stated that the only thing that gave her, her family, and the community reassurance was the fact that he would be eligible to parole in 75 years.

“That reassurance is gone now with this decision,” She said.

“Granted, it’s only an eligibility to parole, it is not a guarantee. And I hope and trust that the Parole Board will consider all the factors and not grant him parole. Yet, we will still have to suffer through the parole hearing process,” She said.

Larche wrote an open letter urging Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister, to reconsider parole eligibility periods and sentence for multiple murderers like Bourque.

Sentencencing must reflect the offence to protect society. The Appeal Court’s decision, she stated, undermines these principles.

“How can such a violent and wilfully committed crime be punished with such a sentence?” She wrote. “It does not seem just or fair. This does little to denounce and deter. This is not enough to acknowledge the harm he has done.”

Hina Alam

From Thought of Attending Parole Hearing ‘Heartbreaking’: Slain NB RCMP Officer’s Wife

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