Alabama Democrat indicted on federal charges after making controversial remark on abortion: report.

Alabama State Rep. John ⁢Rogers Indicted on ⁢Federal⁣ Obstruction of​ Justice ⁤Charges

Alabama ​State Rep. John Rogers (D), known for his controversial ⁣remarks about abortion,‍ has been indicted on federal obstruction‌ of justice ⁣charges, according to prosecutors.

Rogers was indicted by a ‍federal grand jury on two counts of obstruction‍ of justice‌ in a⁤ case involving an alleged scheme to defraud ⁢the Jefferson County Community‌ Service Fund.

The U.S. Department of Justice stated, “A 25-count superseding indictment filed this week‌ in ⁤United States District Court‌ charges ‍Varrie Johnson ‌Kindall, 58, of Chelsea, with one count of conspiracy to commit wire ​and mail⁣ fraud,‍ 11 counts of wire‌ fraud, 3 counts of‍ mail fraud, 1 count of⁣ money laundering, and⁣ 4 tax-related ⁣charges.”

The statement continued, “Additionally, the superseding indictment​ charges John Rogers, 82, and‌ Kindall with 2 counts of obstruction of justice.‍ These charges arise from an ⁢investigation of wrongdoing in connection with the Jefferson County Community Service Fund.‍ In June, former ‍Representative Fred L. Plump, Jr. pleaded‍ guilty to conspiring with Kindall and ‍resigned from the⁣ Alabama⁤ House ⁤of Representatives.”

Rogers gained notoriety in ⁢2019​ for his⁤ highly controversial⁤ remarks about abortion⁢ during a session of the Alabama House ‍of Representatives. ⁤He stated, “Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later.”

Rogers‌ made these remarks‍ as the⁢ Republican-controlled chamber voted overwhelmingly to ⁣outlaw nearly all abortion in ​the state, with ‍a vote of 74-3.

“Some kids are unwanted, so you kill⁣ them now or you kill them later,” Rogers ‍said. “You bring them into the‍ world ⁣unwanted, unloved, you send ⁢them to the electric chair. So, you kill them now or you kill ⁢them later.”

According to a local media report, Rogers continued, “Some parents can’t handle a child with⁢ problems. It could be retarded. It might ​have no arms and no legs.”

Ve Oliver Robinson pleaded guilty to conspiracy, bribery, and fraud charges related to the same scheme.”

How did Oliver ⁢Robinson’s guilty plea shed light on​ the extent of conspiracy in the PAA ⁢scheme?

‍Oliver Robinson’s guilty plea shed light‌ on the extent of‍ conspiracy ‍in the PAA (Protective⁣ Action Abatement) scheme by revealing the involvement of multiple parties in a coordinated effort‍ to ⁤support the interests of a coal company. Robinson, a former Alabama state representative, admitted‍ to accepting bribes from Drummond Coal Company and ‌its law firm, Balch & Bingham, ‌in exchange for⁣ using his‌ position to ⁢advocate for their interests.

Robinson’s⁢ guilty‌ plea ​implicated not only himself ⁢but also executives from Drummond, including ‍the vice president of government affairs,​ David Roberson, and attorneys from ⁢Balch &⁢ Bingham. Their involvement in the conspiracy demonstrated a concerted effort to use their influence and resources to shape legislation and prevent the expansion of the⁤ EPA (Environmental Protection ⁣Agency) ⁤Superfund site in ‌north Birmingham.

Furthermore, Robinson’s plea agreement indicated that‌ the ⁤conspiracy ‍involved illegal methods, including bribes, financial incentives, and even threats towards community activists who opposed the interests of Drummond and Balch ‌& Bingham. This highlighted⁣ the ruthless tactics employed by the conspirators to ​suppress opposition and maintain their ⁣influence over the PAA scheme.

Overall, Oliver Robinson’s guilty plea exposed a ⁤wide-ranging network‍ of conspiracy in the PAA scheme, involving ‌not only a state​ representative but also high-ranking corporate and legal figures. It underscored the extent‍ to which these parties colluded to further the interests of⁤ a coal company at the expense of⁣ the community and public ⁣health.

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