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Abbott challenges Biden as DOJ sues Texas over river barrier.

Governor ‍Greg ​Abbott Challenges ​Biden Administration on Border Security

In a bold move, Governor ⁣ Greg Abbott (R-TX) has challenged the Biden administration⁣ to prove that​ they have invested more money in securing the southern border than Texas has. This challenge comes as the Department of Justice​ sues Texas ⁣ over a floating barrier on the​ Rio ‍Grande.

Abbott made this challenge ‌during a speech delivered in front of Republican Party county chairs in Georgetown, just north of Austin. He⁢ criticized the federal government for not doing enough​ to ‍secure the border ​and demanded evidence‍ of ‍their‌ financial commitment. According to Fox 7, Abbott stated, “I challenge the federal government to show that they ⁣have spent that much money in the state of Texas on the border under Joe Biden ⁢as president.”

Abbott also defended the buoy barrier, which was installed by law enforcement officials as part of⁣ Operation‍ Lone Star to prevent illegal crossings. These 4-foot-wide orange spherical buoys spin ⁣if someone tries to grab onto them, as reported ‌by the ⁤ New York Post. He emphasized that this operation, ‌known as “hold the‌ line,” is effectively preventing illegal entry into Texas.

The Department⁣ of Justice claims ‌that Texas’ barriers are⁤ unlawful ⁤and raise humanitarian concerns. In response, Abbott argued that the Biden administration’s “open-border” policies are ‌encouraging migrants to risk their lives by crossing illegally through the water instead ‍of using legal ports of entry.

Abbott remains committed to defending Texas’ border ‍and will take any necessary actions to protect the ​state from the ‍influx of illegal activity. ‍With record numbers ‌of illegal⁢ aliens crossing the border under ⁤President Biden’s administration and ⁣a decrease in deportations, Abbott vows to‌ safeguard Texas’ sovereignty.

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