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A Suspected Serial Killer Moved In Next Door. He Insists He Won’t Kill Anyone Else.

In Yekaterinburg, Russia, a convicted criminal and suspected serial killer who had been incarcerated for some time was freed and moved into an apartment complex.

Yegor Khabarov is accused of killing six individuals, but only two were found guilty because there was no proof of the other four, according to The Daily Beast. The criminal insists he isn’t planning any more murders, and the room building’s residents only lately learned they were sharing a residence with him.

Khabarov was initially detained in 2009 on suspicion of killing his victim by electrocuting them and earning the title” The Electrician.” The first person to learn that the murderer had been released was a retired police officer who was now employed as the store security safeguard. This was because the killer was no longer with the police.

” We were sitting it, and as I regarded him from all angles, I was certain that this was who he claimed to be! But I assumed he was locked up somewhere. And I ask him,” Are you the Electrician?” He was clearly terrified as a result of how frightened he was. No, I have a several occupation, he replies. But your moniker is The Electrician, isn’t it? I remarked. I acknowledged him to him. He affirmed it. The security guard told a local news source that he claimed to have received the necessary solution and that it was all in the past.

” He discussed his creations, including how a bicycle power can be used to create an electric shocker.” that during a storm, you can kill someone and blame it on lightning ,” the security guard continued.

Researchers claim that Khabarov placed an advertisement selling personal parts in 2009, and a 23-year-old student responded.

According to The Beast, a senior analyst for the situation said at the time that” they had agreed to meet in the door of Khabarov, who by this period had already prepared everything for death.”

According to the inspector, Khabarov grabbed his suspect, bound him, and then electrocuted him to death. The person’s burned body was now dumped by Khabarov on a side road, where it was afterwards discovered.


Khabarov was detained and accused of killing a 27-year-old personal tech who had been burned alive in the previous year.

Witnesses at the trial claimed that Khabarov was overjoyed as he watched his victims perish in the flames.

Khabarov asserted that he was stupid and was taken to a mental hospital for treatment.

Relatives claim they are worried now that they know who their neighbour is.

” Folks is incredibly terrified. We had no idea that this woman had a history like that. One neighbor told the neighborhood channel,” It’s dangerous to let the children go out today, and you never know what might be going through his mind.”

” I frequently run into him in the floor. He looks terrifying and has a spectacular look, according to another.

Meanwhile, a friend of Khabarov insisted that the murderer is concerned about speaking with the victims’ families.

” After paying between 3,000 and 4,000 francs for a car ride, he was afraid to drive around the place.” He said,” I’m afraid of the people’s families I killed ,” the friend remarked.

” Yegor claims to have changed his mind and is not preparing to commit any more deaths. But because he seemed a little strange, I stopped talking to him. He is, however, a very cultivated girl at the same time! I’ve always heard him use profanity, the mate continued.

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