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Prosecutors claim 5-year-old who killed baby brother was on cocaine.

Tragic⁣ Incident Reveals Shocking ⁢Details: Boy High​ on Cocaine Shoots Younger Brother

In a heartbreaking incident earlier this year,​ a five-year-old⁢ boy ⁤tragically shot his ‌16-month-old brother. ​However, what makes ⁣this case⁣ even more‍ disturbing is⁤ the revelation that the five-year-old was high on ⁣cocaine at the time, while the deceased toddler tested positive ​for marijuana, according ⁤to prosecutors.

Unveiling the Shocking Truth

The incident occurred on March 28 when⁢ the five-year-old boy shot​ his younger brother in the head. Upon investigation, officers administered a drug ​test to the ⁣five-year-old, which came back positive for cocaine. Additionally, an ⁤autopsy‍ of the deceased toddler revealed the presence of marijuana in his ‍system.

Charges Against the Parents

The ⁤shocking details emerged as prosecutors unsealed charges against the children’s parents, Deonta Johnson, 27, ⁣and​ Shatia Welch, 24, of ​Lafayette, Indiana. The couple ⁢now faces three charges of ​child neglect and several ⁣drug charges.

A Disturbing ⁣Discovery

Following the tragic death ​of ⁢the‌ child, ⁢police made a ‍disturbing⁢ discovery. They‍ found 93 pills of fentanyl within reach⁤ of the five-year-old boy, along with marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Furthermore, marijuana and a ⁤grinder were‌ found inside Johnson’s car, indicating an attempt‌ to hide ⁤the drugs.

Obstruction of Justice

Johnson, ‌the ⁢father of the deceased 16-month-old, is also facing charges ​of obstruction of ‍justice. He allegedly tried to ‍clear the apartment of drugs ‌before the police arrived. Johnson was the only other person present in the building at the time of the shooting.

Conflicting ​Stories

According to officials, Johnson⁢ changed his​ story multiple times during⁤ questioning. He initially ‍denied owning a‌ gun and ​even denied that the⁤ victim ‌had ⁣been shot⁣ at all. However, he later admitted that Welch, the children’s mother, owned the gun used by their ‌older son to shoot his brother.

A Locked Box and Forgotten ‍Safety ⁢Measures

Welch claimed that she always kept her ⁢gun in a locked box under her bed. ⁣However, she couldn’t recall ⁣if she had locked the safe when ⁢she put the gun away‌ that‌ weekend. Police found the gun on a dresser in the couple’s ​bedroom, contradicting Welch’s ⁣statement.


A Tragic Turn of ⁢Events

The couple was ​arrested in LaPorte, a city approximately 90 miles north of Lafayette. They⁤ were subsequently extradited ⁢to‍ Lafayette on ⁢Tuesday afternoon.

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