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Three co-moderators have been selected for the second Republican Party primary debate.

Co-Moderators Announced for Second Republican Party Presidential Primary Debate

Three individuals were​ named on Wednesday as the co-moderators of the⁤ second Republican Party presidential primary debate in late September.

The debate will air on Fox Business and Univision‍ from‍ 9-11 p.m. ‌EST on ⁢September 27 and will ⁢be co-moderated by Stuart Varney, Dana ⁢Perino, and Ilia Calderón.

Varney was ⁢one of the original anchors ⁤at Fox​ Business when it⁣ started back in 2007 and currently hosts​ “Varney & Co.”‍ Perino ‍co-anchors “America’s Newsroom” ​and co-hosts “The Five,” both‌ on Fox News. Calderón ‌anchors Univision’s “Noticiero Univision.”

Comprehensive View ⁣of the Republican Nomination Candidates

“We ⁣are very proud ‍to ⁤have ‌Stuart Varney⁢ and Dana Perino co-moderating the second debate with Univison⁣ to provide Americans with a comprehensive view of the qualifying candidates vying for the​ Republican nomination for president,” said ⁣Jay Wallace, President⁢ and ⁤Executive Editor of Fox News.

Fair⁣ and Balanced Participation

Maria ‍Martinez-Guzman, Executive Vice President of News for Univision⁤ Networks, claimed ⁤that the left-wing ‍Spanish⁣ news organization would be “fair and ⁢balanced” in its participation during the debate.

“As in past election cycles, we seek to inform Hispanic voters ‍nationwide about ⁣their choices while representing our community’s issues during⁢ this election cycle,” she added.

The number of people who watched the Republican ⁤Party’s first presidential debate last week ‌was roughly 13 ​million.

Alternative Activities ​During the Debate

A survey from FiveThirtyEight/Washington‌ Post/Ipsos asked ⁣Republican primary voters ⁤who did not watch the debate what they did‍ instead.

Only 7% said that ‌they⁤ watched‍ Trump’s interview with ‌Tucker Carlson, which fell ⁢behind several ​other options,⁣ including doing housework at 11%, ⁢and watching something else on TV at 29%. A report said that approximately 15 million people ‍actually clicked and watched the 45-minute interview⁤ for at least 2 seconds.


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