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15 million could lose Medicaid coverage as pandemic-era continuous enrollment ends

RAs states begin to reconsider eligibility, approximately 15 million people could be removed from Medicaid rolls within the next year. This is due to the COVID-19 emergency provision that allowed individuals to remain enrolled unwinds.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey, 18% of Medicaid recipients, or approximately 15 million people, will lose their coverage when states start to de-enroll eligible people beginning April 1.


“As states begin to ‘unwind’ the continuous enrollment provision, many people will likely be found to be no longer eligible for Medicaid. Others could face administrative barriers and lose coverage despite remaining eligible,” The report was completed.

To receive federal funds during an emergency declaration, the states were required by law to offer continuous enrollment in Medicaid. It is a federal program that covers healthcare costs for those with limited incomes and resources. This has allowed most people to stay enrolled and not to have to reapply.

People would experience lapses in coverage before continuous enrollment. This was because they had incomes that were not sufficient to be eligible for coverage.


The continuous enrollment and the passing of bills by states to expand Medicaid access has led to a surge in Medicaid enrollment during the pandemic. Congress made a deal with the states last year to allow them to start removing people who are not eligible. Since then, the Biden administration announced that it will let COVID-19’s public health emergency expire on May 1.

It is a sign that many states face staffing issues that could hinder their ability review renewals of Medicaid. The Kaiser Family Foundation survey revealed that more than half of 49 states responded said they have vacancies rates greater than 10%. “front-line eligibility workers,” They also stated that overtime will be approved and they will hire temporary staff to fill the shortages.

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