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11 injured in walkway collapse at Maine’s lighthouse event.

Tragedy​ Strikes at⁢ Maine’s Beloved Lighthouse

In ⁤a shocking turn of events, eleven lighthouse enthusiasts found themselves in a⁢ perilous situation during‍ an annual event celebrating Maine’s⁣ iconic beacons. ⁢The picturesque ‌Doubling ⁢Point Lighthouse⁢ in Arrowsic became the site of ‌a terrifying incident‌ when its wooden⁣ walkway suddenly collapsed, sending ⁤visitors tumbling into ‍the muddy flats below.

The unfortunate⁣ incident occurred on Saturday afternoon, just as ‍the‍ lighthouse was open to the ⁣public as part‍ of Maine Open⁤ Lighthouse Day. This special⁢ day allows people to explore and‌ appreciate the ⁤state’s scenic ⁢lighthouses up close.

Out of the ‍eleven individuals affected by the collapse, five were rushed to ‍nearby hospitals for medical attention. Bath Fire Department Deputy Chief Chris Cummings‍ confirmed ⁣the extent of the injuries.

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The incident occurred during low tide, causing‌ some victims to fall a⁤ significant ‌distance of eight to ten feet onto⁤ the⁣ rocky ​mudflats below. Multiple public safety departments swiftly responded to ⁤the⁣ scene,⁤ working⁢ together to provide aid and support.

“It was a true team effort,” stated Mr. Cummings, the Deputy ‍Chief of the Bath Fire Department, located ⁢just a‍ few miles away.

Despite the unfortunate​ turn of events, ‌the Friends of Doubling Point Light, a dedicated group of lighthouse enthusiasts, ⁣remain ‍determined to restore the beloved landmark. However, no specific timeline has been established for the repairs.

Visitors ⁣to the Friends of Doubling ⁤Point Light website were ⁢greeted with ⁢a ⁣message stating that the‍ lighthouse is currently “closed to visitors until further notice.” The group has been actively collaborating ⁤with ⁣local​ authorities⁤ in the aftermath of the collapse.

Standing tall⁣ since the late 19th century, Doubling Point⁤ Lighthouse proudly overlooks ​the‍ Kennebec River. Located in a quaint town of ‌approximately⁤ 450 residents,⁣ about 40 miles​ up the coast from Portland, this lighthouse ‍serves ​as an⁣ active Coast Guard‍ aid‌ to navigation. Its tower height ⁢of 23 feet may be shorter than others in the ⁢state,⁢ but its historical significance remains unparalleled.

By Patrick Whittle

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