YouTube Removes President Trump’s Interview with Greg Kelly from Newsmax on Rush Limbaugh and 2020 Election

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Greg Kelly spoke with President Donald Trump on Wednesday night following the reported death of conservative legend Rush Limbaugh.

President Trump told Greg Kelly, “Rush Limbaugh thought we won the election. We did win the election.  It was disgraceful what happened.”

Trump praised his friend Rush Limbaugh who was a devoted supporter.  Trump also praised Greg Kelly for his success.

Trump continued to condemn the stolen election.

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The Gateway Pundit posted the video of President Trump’s interview with Greg Kelly on YouTube.

We broke up the interview into two segments.
By Thursday morning YouTube took down Trump’s interview with Greg Kelly.

YouTube labeled it as “inappropriate content.”


Google and the tech giants run the world today. Don’t forget it.

We later uploaded the video to Rumble.
The video of the former president is allowed on Rumble.

Just wondering… Who elected the anti-American leftists at YouTube to run the world?


Author: Christian Action Network