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Ben Shapiro exposes the truth about Israel and Palestine in his latest ‘Facts’ episode: “You’re being deceived.”

Ben ​Shapiro‍ Debunks Left-Wing‌ Media ‍Myths About Israel and Palestinians

Daily Wire⁤ Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro breaks down four myths generally propagated by Left-wing media about ​the history of Israel and the Palestinians in the latest‍ episode of Shapiro’s YouTube series “Facts.”

Context Matters: Unveiling the Truth

“The things that we’ve⁤ been seeing on ‍our screens from Hamas are atrocities, obviously,” Shapiro said in the video. “But the media have said that these atrocities, they’re really missing context. The context they are providing all that context is a bunch of lies.”

The four myths Shapiro dispels are:

  1. Myth 1: Israel is historically ⁢Muslim territory
  2. Myth‌ 2: Israel is‍ the ⁢cause⁤ of the failure of land partition in the Middle East
  3. Myth‍ 3: Israel⁢ expelled all Palestinian Arabs from British mandate Palestine
  4. Myth 4: Israel is an ‌apartheid state

Debunking the Myths

Challenging the first myth, Shapiro said it’s a “pure and absolute lie”‍ to suggest Israel is‌ Muslim territory. “Israel is‌ historically Jewish territory, according to ‌the‌ Bible and certain interpretations of contemporaneous archeology,” he explained.‍ “Joshua entered the land of Israel in 1,400 ​B.C.,​ the Kingdom of David ​was found around 1,000 B.C.,⁣ the first Temple of Solomon was built in approximately 957 B.C., the second temple‍ was built in⁣ approximately 515 B.C.,‌ the Hasmonean dynasty was founded in 166 B.C., Jerusalem was destroyed in​ 70 B.C., and the‍ Jews exiled ⁤from Israel in 136 C.E.”

“After the defeat of the Bar Kokhba Revolt, the⁢ Romans, ⁢in an attempt to shame‌ the‍ Jews, renamed the⁣ area‌ Palestine ⁣as an insult after the Jews historic enemy, the​ Philistines,” Shapiro continued.

“Even ⁢during ⁣the exile there was continuous Jewish ⁤presence in ⁤the land,” he said. ​“Islam, which is the ​religion of‌ the Palestinian Arabs, was not​ even founded until the seventh ⁤century. C.E. or A.D. No independent‍ Arab state has ever existed in the‌ area known as Palestine.”

Israel’s Role in Land Partition

Moving on to the second ‌myth, ‌Shapiro explained that it’s a “pure lie” to blame ‌Israel for the⁤ failure of land partition in the Middle East, going back to 1917, when the ⁢British promised the Jews the entire area of Palestine, all ​the way ​to the present.

In one‍ example, Shapiro‌ noted that the Arabs began pogroms,‌ the mass murder of Jews in Jerusalem, by 1920, “as a sign of anger at the British mandate in Palestine.”

The British government then repeatedly made concessions to the Arabs in Palestine. By 1937, the “Arabs would get ‍the entire⁤ Negev and nearly the entirety of Judea and⁤ Samaria, and the Jews would get ⁤a tiny swath of territory along‍ the coast, including Tel Aviv and Haifa,” and by 1939, “the British, in​ response again to Arab pressure, restricted Jewish ‍immigration,” Shapiro explained.

The Arab⁣ League in 1967 then announced the “three no’s: No ‌peace, no recognition, no negotiations with all of Israel’s enemies.”

In response, “Israel launched ⁢a preemptive strike on the Egyptian ⁣air force inaugurating the ⁤1967 Six-Day War,” the author explained. “This ended with Israel gaining miraculously the Sinai‍ Desert, the Golan​ Heights, ⁣the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria —‍ now known as the West Bank, as‌ well as the entirety of Jerusalem.”

Concessions and Rejection

Israel then made ‌numerous concessions seeking​ peace, Shapiro noted. By ​2000, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat, the⁣ terrorist leader of⁣ the Palestinian Authority (AP), “91% control over the West Bank in contiguous territory and an Israeli security presence along 15% of​ the border with Jordan,” he said. “Arafat walked⁢ away from the table and began the second intifada, a massive terror wave⁤ that ended with the death of thousands of Jews.”

“In 2005, Israeli unilaterally withdrew from‍ the Gaza Strip,” the conservative said. “Hamas immediately took it over and began ⁢using it as a base for ​terrorist activity. That continues until this day. In 2008, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert⁣ offered even more than Barak in terms of territory with⁣ some land swaps to‍ maintain Jewish-populated⁢ areas in exchange for​ some Israeli territory. Olmert even offered ⁢to relinquish Israeli sovereignty at the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, as well as the entire old city of Jerusalem, to a five-member ‍non-sovereign international‌ trusteeship comprising Israel.‍ The‌ PA Jordan, the U.S., and Saudi Arabia. PA head Mahmoud Abbas walked away without a counteroffer.”

The‍ Truth About Palestinian Arabs

Tackling the third myth, Shapiro ⁣said it’s false that Israel expelled all Palestinian Arabs from British-mandate Palestine.

“Israel’s founding documents asked Arabs to stay,” he said. “Israel’s Declaration of Independence, in the middle ⁣of an ongoing war with Arab nations reads, ‘We appeal in the very midst ⁣of​ the onslaught launched‌ against us now for months to the Arab inhabitants of the State of Israel to preserve peace and participate in the building⁢ of the‍ state on the basis⁤ of full and ‌equal⁤ citizenship and due representation in all its provisional and permanent ‌institutions.’”

“Debate has ⁢raged for decades over how‌ many Arabs left the⁤ nascent state of Israel thanks to‍ expulsion and how many left because they were told to leave ⁣by their own​ leaders,” ‍he explained. “An estimated 250,000 to 300,000 refugees left before their homes were⁣ even in a war zone. We didn’t compel them to leave. They left ⁣on their own​ view — or rather on that of the Arab leaders who advised them even before trouble started ‍the collapse⁢ of ⁣Arab society during the 1947-48 war.”

Shapiro noted that ⁤“Israel will do everything in its ⁣power to help the resettlement ⁢of these refugees,” adding, “Arab nations refused​ to take ​in hundreds of thousands of ​Arabs turning their coreligionists into refugees who have maintained that status for literally decades, a situation unparalleled in‍ human history.”

Israel: ⁢Not an Apartheid ⁢State

And finally, myth ‌four: Shapiro said Israel is “most certainly not an apartheid state.”

“Arab citizens of Israel have the same rights‌ as Jewish citizens,” he said.​ “Twenty⁢ percent of all citizens of Israel are Arab. The vast majority of Palestinians live⁤ under​ Palestinian rule in⁤ the West ⁤Bank. All⁤ Arabs in the Gaza Strip lived⁣ under Hamas rule. Israel’s population, ‌again, is 20% Arab. Arab parties have sat in the Israeli government. An Arab sits on Israel’s​ Supreme Court.”

Alternatively,‌ “there ‌are zero Jews living under Palestinian rule,” he said. “The only⁤ apartheid state is any state of​ Palestine.”

The Consequences of ‍Myths

“These myths matter because‌ they lead people into a peculiar moral relativism whereby attempted ⁢murder or successful murder of Jews is excused,” Shapiro asserted. “And‌ meanwhile, ‍the evil human ​rights violations of the Palestinians ⁢are minimized.”

“We ought to listen, not⁢ make up silly excuses as to why they don’t⁤ actually mean what‌ they say,” Shapiro said. “The consequence of buying your own lies, not even their lies, your ‌own lies, is⁤ dead Jews.”


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‍ How does Shapiro explain the equal​ rights that Arab citizens have in Israel?

Pse of the Arab armies,” Shapiro added.

Moving on to the final myth, ‌Shapiro emphasized‌ that Israel⁤ is not an apartheid state. He explained‍ that Israel is a ​democratic country with equal rights for all ⁣its citizens, regardless of their⁤ ethnicity or ‍religion. Arab ⁤citizens ⁤of Israel have⁣ the same rights as Jewish citizens,⁤ including the⁤ right to vote and hold public⁤ office. Israel ⁤has Arab members of⁤ parliament and has even had an Arab Supreme Court⁣ judge. Arab citizens also ‍have ⁤access to healthcare, education, and employment opportunities.

In conclusion, Ben Shapiro​ effectively debunks ‍four left-wing ‍media ⁣myths about Israel and the Palestinians. He provides historical context⁤ and factual evidence to refute these myths, highlighting the importance‌ of accurate‌ information in understanding the‍ complex situation‌ in ‍the Middle East. Shapiro’s analysis ⁤helps to dispel misconceptions and promote a more balanced and informed ⁣perspective on the ⁣Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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