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Youngkin could create a new lane for voters against Trump and DeSantis in 2024

Gov. Glenn Youngkin R-VA has been a rising star in the political arena Republican PartyJoining a GOP group governors Voters are looking for the next presidential candidate.

The Virginia governor would be able to make his own path as a conservative and can appeal voters if he enters the race for the presidency in 2024. This could set him up for an intense race against other GOP candidates like former President. Donald Trump Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL), is expected to enter the fray.


Youngkin, who has participated in several TV shows over the last week, has made many appearances on television. live town hallsAccording to some rumors, he could be ready for a White House run after meeting with donors. He is likely to enter a presidential election with an assistant. approval rating of 57%According to Roanoke College, this is higher than Biden’s 38% approval rating. poll. Biden’s approval rating In February it was 46%, which is the highest since March 2022.

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

In following in the footsteps of Biden and other governors, the governor also praised his administration’s success, especially his ability to collaborate in a blue state.

“We’re driving our economic development,” Youngkin spoke to CNBC via the last week’s interview Hill. “We’re driving education to a new place and raising the ceiling and the floor. We’re making sure that law enforcement is supported, not demeaned. And we’re doing it in a successful way in a state that truly is purple.”

Youngkin answered a question about a run for the 2024 race and said that he did. “focused on Virginia right now.” GOP voters seem split on the issue of Youngkin’s loss to the White House. Only 42% support Youngkin for their nomination.

“I do think the reason why people are asking this question of me is because the issues that I’m dealing with in Virginia are the same issues that t

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