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Pentagon spares Ukraine operations from shutdown.

If⁢ the House of​ Representatives Fails to ⁢Fund the Government, Ukraine Aid ​Will Continue

If the House of Representatives fails to ⁣find a way to fund the government before the shutdown deadline at the end of the month, many services provided by the federal government to residents of the U.S. domestically and citizens overseas⁢ will cease, albeit temporarily.

However, there is ⁢one exception to this. ⁤U.S. aid to Ukraine will‌ continue, according ⁢to a statement from a Department of Defense spokesman ‌Thursday that seemed to reverse​ the Pentagon’s position as‌ communicated by the same spokesman only two⁤ days ⁣earlier.

“Operation Atlantic Resolve is‌ an excepted activity under⁤ a government lapse in appropriations,” DOD spokesman Chris Sherwood said in a Thursday statement to Fox News, referring to the government’s name for the operation to support Ukraine in its ⁤defense against last year’s ⁢Russian ⁤invasion.

Only two days earlier, Sherwood had told Politico in ⁢an email that the looming government shutdown threatened to press ⁢pause on the “delivery of defense articles, ‍services and/or ​military⁣ education and training” for the embattled European nation.

According ‌to the DOD’s “Contingency Plan Guidance for Continuation of Essential Operations in the Absence of Available Appropriations,” a planning document created in August, all military operations “necessary for national security” would, understandably, be exempted from any shutdown.

For example, as Politico pointed⁤ out, U.S. military action against⁣ the Islamic State group under former President Donald Trump continued during the 2018 government shutdown.

In addition, “[t]he Secretary of Defense may, at any⁣ time, determine that additional activities shall be treated as excepted,” according to the document. (Interested readers will find the entire document available here.)

Apparently, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin designated Ukraine-related activities as excepted sometime between Sherwood’s Tuesday and Thursday statements.

Critics of President Joe Biden, 80, and his administration — ​mostly but not exclusively on ‍the right — seemed unsurprised but nonetheless ‌angry about the Pentagon’s shifting position.

Abigail Jackson, ​the communications director for Missouri‍ Sen. Josh Hawley, called the decision “incredibly offensive,” for example.

“Enough of the insanity already,” Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna told Fox News in a statement published Friday. “Seems like Biden fell asleep on the train⁢ and got off at Ukraine instead of⁢ America. I don’t even know ‌if he recognizes ⁢which country he’s leading, he’s so hellbent⁤ on⁤ sending every possible dollar to a ⁤country that we have no stake in while our own implodes.”

“I have zero interest in funding ‍an eternal WWIII ‌and that’s the last thing Americans want,” she wrote.

“You can’t⁤ make this up,” Luna added on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Others were just as troubled by the news.

The announcement came out on the same day that 29 Republican members of the House⁢ and Senate signed a letter addressed to Office of Management and Budget ‍Director Shalanda Young informing here that they would not support further Ukrainian aid unless a number of questions were answered first — and possibly not even then.

“The ​American people deserve ‍to know what their​ money has gone‌ to,” the ⁤letter said.

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What are the criticisms and concerns raised regarding the Pentagon’s shifting position on aid to Ukraine and its impact on domestic issues

Sentative⁤ democracy!⁣.⁣ Terrorism seems to be the only thing Washington is good at fighting.

—⁣ John​​ Wilson ⁤(@JWilson1776) September 22, ⁣2023

While the decisions‍ made by the Department of ​Defense regarding which ​activities⁣ will continue during a government shutdown are subject to ‌criticism, it is important to understand the ‌reasoning behind them.​ In the case ‍of Ukraine aid, the continuation ‌of support can be seen as a strategic move to maintain stability in​ the region and​ counteract Russian aggression.

Ukraine has been battling Russian incursions for⁢ several years, with tensions escalating particularly​ after the annexation of Crimea in 2014. The United States has been providing military assistance to Ukraine to help bolster its defenses‌ and⁤ support its sovereignty. Operation Atlantic Resolve, specifically, aims to enhance the capabilities of Ukrainian forces and assist in deterring further Russian aggression.

Given the ongoing conflict and the importance of supporting Ukraine, it is understandable that the Department of Defense would ​prioritize this aid even in the face of a⁢ government shutdown. National ‍security interests​ are crucial, and ensuring the defense of allies and partners is an essential part of U.S.​ foreign policy.

However, the shifting position of the Pentagon has ‌sparked criticism and ​raised concerns about the allocation of resources‌ and the priorities of the Biden administration. Critics argue that the focus should be on domestic issues ‍and the needs of​ American citizens, rather than providing extensive aid to Ukraine.

Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna,‍ for instance, expressed frustration over⁣ the perceived lack of attention given to domestic issues. ‍She criticized the decision⁣ to prioritize Ukraine and questioned whether President Biden fully recognizes‍ the country he is leading. Other social media users echoed similar sentiments, questioning the legality ⁣and reasoning behind the

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