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WWE issues apology after using Auschwitz death camp footage in promo

WWEissued an apology after using footage of the Auschwitz death camp in a fight promo.

According to NPR, the image appeared in a five-minute WrestleMania 39 commercial featuring Dominik and Rey Mysterio. During Dominik’s remarks’s about being a seasoned offender, the image appeared on the screen. It was easily fixed, according to WWE, who called it an” editing error” in a statement.


” What was depicted was unknown to us. It was taken out right away after we found out. According to a speech obtained by the Associated Press, the WWE” apologises for this mistake.”

Dominik was discussing his time in jail when the picture was displayed on screen. You believe that I am playing a sport, don’t you? I put up a hard time. And I made it ,” he added.

A portrait of the mix-up was posted by a Twitter user. The WWE readers seem to have mistaken the loss camp for a typical prison. Instead of the more obvious train place or” Arbeit Macht Frei” wall, the portrait depicted the camp’s interior’s with barbed wire, a watch tower, and brick structures.

However, the Auschwitz exhibition criticized the error. It objected to the explanation and called the incident manipulative and purposeful.

It’s difficult’s to call the use of an Auschwitz image to promote a WWE match” an editing mistake.” The museum story tweeted that using the location, which came to represent a significant human tragedy, is shameless and disrespects the memory of all Auschwitz victims.

The Washington Post reported that the advertisement was” minimizing what happened” and had the ability to re-traumatize victims, according to Natalie Belsky, a history professor at the University of Minnesota at Duluth.


Dominik’s”‘s difficult – man” character was basically a cover for his spoiled and pampered nature, so the advertisement was meant to be humorous. He was really referring to the time when he was imprisoned immediately when talking about his time in prison, during which images of Auschwitz was shown. After attempting to pick a fight with his father, Mysterio, who easily defeated his” brother” in front of thousands of onlookers, he was imprisoned.

During the Holocaust, Auschwitz was the biggest death camp, with an estimated 1.1 million deaths that over the course of its five-year nature.

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