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‘Wouldn’t Do Anything Different’: Dr. Peter McCullough Unbowed After Winning Legal Case

A district judge is vindicated Texas On Wednesday, Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist and vocal critic of COVID vaccines, dismissed a lawsuit against him that was filed by Baylor Scott and White Health System approximately two years ago.

McCullough was dubbed a prominent source of COVID misinformation and was sued by the health care system two years ago. He was accused of violating a separation agreement and publishing the Baylor Scott and White Health names in the media. The suit was dismissed with prejudice by Associate Judge Tahira Kan Merritt from the Judicial District Court Dallas County.

“This is a strong victory for freedom of speech and fair balanced publication and media presentation of clinical data as it has emerged over the course of the pandemic crisis,” McCullough shared his thoughts with The Daily Wire. “My analyses and conclusions have been accurate, consistent, and have always been my own, not those of any institution.”

McCullough was accused by Baylor in the $1 Million lawsuit. “reputational harm,” McCullough claimed that McCullough gave many media interviews and was published by journals that listed Baylor as an affiliated, even though the two had split.

Baylor Scott & White Health The Dallas Morning News in a written statement at the time of the filings that McCullough’s views don’t represent those of the health care provider.

“The lawsuit was filed to enforce this separation and avoid public confusion,” According to the statement. “We take very seriously our responsibility to be a trusted source of medical information in the communities we serve.”

Representatives for McCullough claimed McCullough never said he was employed in the health system, and that third parties were responsible for referencing the relationship.

“The lawsuit, in a sense, represented a form of intimidation and professional reprisal, and I feel vindicated by the dismissal,” McCullough spoke.

The Daily Wire tried to reach Baylor Scott and White Health but was not able to get a response.

McCullough was a member of health system task forces and led research on COVID for health system. He also teamed up with officials during the initial days of the 2020 pandemic. Prominent medical journals published peer-reviewed studies of McCullough’s early treatment and response to the COVID health crisis.

McCullough claims that McCullough was fired by the health care system for his work. “tantamount to termination” Without due process or reason. McCullough stated that he reached a settlement agreement following the non-renewal.

“I’m glad it’s behind us,” He said. “The process was draining,” He said that he believed the lawsuit was meant to damage his professional career.

“Moreover, it was a message to other doctors to follow a narrative,” He said. “And that narrative is becoming increasingly uncomfortable for physicians in terms of a narrative that directs doctors not to treat patients early for COVID-19 and to continue to support and recommend emergency use authorized COVID-19 vaccination, despite mounting data that the vaccines have a very unfavorable safety profile.”

McCullough was a controversial figure within the medical field during the global pandemic. This led legacy media and medical associations to discredit McCullough’s promotion of hydroxychloroquine as well as other early treatments.

The cardiologist first appeared in December 2021. “The Joe Rogan Experience” Podcast in which he made many claims regarding information concerning treatments for coronavirus. This included questioning the safety and efficacy vaccines, and how the pandemic began.

“When I graduated from medical school, I took the Hippocratic Oath, which said that, above all, I would do no harm to any patient, and I would do everything in my power to help each and every patient,” McCullough spoke. “I’ve done that throughout the pandemic — not only with my personal patients — but through my public statements in my work as a public figure to help as many people in the world as possible, helping them avoid hospitalization and death with COVID-19 illness and helping them avoid injury, disability and death with COVID-19 vaccination.”

“I think this is a very important stance — I wouldn’t do anything any differently,” He said. “Whether there was a lawsuit or no lawsuit — this is very important. The question on the table is, ‘Why can’t all doctors in America in the world say that?’”

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