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Woman who assaulted man with metal pole released without bail, subsequently murders mother of 8.

A Shocking Case: Woman Released Without Bail After Brutal Assault

A Las Vegas woman​ who brutally attacked a man⁣ with a metal pole has been released without bail, and may only serve four years in prison for her heinous ⁤crimes.

Vanessa ‍Harvey, 49, unleashed her violent rage ⁢on​ October 22, 2021, but shockingly, she was allowed to walk free even⁣ after failing⁤ to appear in court, as‍ reported by KLAS. ⁢Just two ⁤weeks later, Harvey struck again, this time with ⁤the‍ help of Machika Goodjoint, a 42-year-old mother of eight who tragically lost​ her life‍ due to⁤ the brutal assault. Harvey pleaded guilty to manslaughter and no contest to the first⁣ attack.

During the investigation, the police discovered the⁢ metal pole used in​ the‌ first attack ‌inside the⁤ car ‌where Harvey ⁢had been living.

Despite‌ missing her court ⁣hearing ⁣for the⁣ charge of ​battery resulting in substantial bodily harm, Harvey was only given a bail of ⁢$5,000. Shockingly, a pretrial​ risk assessment labeled her as a “moderate risk” and falsely indicated that she had‌ not missed​ any court dates in the past two years.

However, this⁣ assessment was proven wrong when it was⁤ revealed that Harvey had previously skipped a court date in October ‌2020 related to a charge of battery after assaulting ⁢a ​7-year-old child. In that case, she received a lenient sentence of just 150 days in city jail and was released after only two months.

Prosecutors obtained documents stating, “When she was located,⁤ a ⁤metal ‌pole with apparent⁢ blood was‍ found inside the vehicle with her. After ​Miranda, the⁤ defendant told police that [the victim] had entered the ‍vehicle and began hitting her, at which‌ time she defended herself with the metal‍ pole,⁢ but only remembered hitting [him] on the hands. Detectives did not ⁣observe any​ injuries on ‍the⁤ defendant.”

Despite the evidence, Las Vegas Justice Court Judge Diana Sullivan released Harvey without bail, citing her claim of self-defense.

Just two ‍weeks later, tragedy struck again. On November 8, 2021, Goodjoint and another man were viciously attacked by a woman wielding a metal pole. Body camera footage​ captured the horrifying scene as police officers arrived ⁣to ‌find Goodjoint ⁣with ⁤a severe head wound, initially mistaken for a gunshot wound.

Goodjoint’s⁣ aunt, Rozlyn Byron, expressed her grief, saying, “I⁢ knew my baby didn’t have⁢ a chance, period.” She⁣ described Goodjoint’s​ love for her neighborhood and her dedication to helping those in need.

Minutes after discovering the victims, the ​police found Harvey with a bloodied metal⁣ pole⁤ in her possession.

Retired Las⁤ Vegas​ Metro police‍ assistant sheriff Jim Seebock​ expressed frustration with the flaws in Nevada law, stating, “What the community may not be aware of is ‌how⁢ common it is for ‌someone to be arrested for‍ a violent crime and then be ⁣let out sometimes the next day, sometimes in just a⁤ few days.”

In May‌ 2023, Harvey finally faced justice and pleaded guilty ‌to voluntary manslaughter in the death of Goodjoint. She was sentenced to four to ten years⁣ in ⁢prison, with the‍ possibility of parole in 2025. However, many believe that justice has not been‌ fully served.

‌What ‍steps should be taken to hold the ‌justice system accountable for allowing someone like‍ Vanessa Harvey to remain‌ free despite a history of violence and failure to appear ‌in court, ultimately leading to the tragic death of Machika Goodjoint?

Domestic violence case. This information raises ​serious concerns ⁢about the ⁣accuracy and⁣ reliability of pretrial risk assessments and‍ the decision-making process regarding bail for individuals charged with⁢ violent crimes.

The release⁤ of Vanessa Harvey without bail and her subsequent involvement in another violent assault, resulting in the​ tragic death of‌ Machika Goodjoint, has shocked the community and ‍sparked ‍outrage among advocates for justice. How could a person ⁢with such a propensity for violence be ⁣allowed to freely roam the streets, putting innocent lives at ​risk?

The facts of the case are disturbing.‍ On October 22, 2021, Vanessa Harvey brutally attacked a man with a metal pole, an act of violence that should have led to immediate consequences and a remand into custody. However, despite​ failing to appear in court, Harvey remained free and continued her⁢ reign ​of ⁣terror. This⁤ raises questions about the effectiveness and accountability of the justice system ⁢in protecting the public from individuals who pose a clear and present danger.

The discovery of the metal pole within the car where Harvey had been living is a chilling reminder of the premeditation and intent behind her ​violent acts. ⁢This‍ was⁣ not a crime of passion or ⁣a ‌sudden ⁤impulse; it was a calculated and deliberate act of aggression. The evidence suggests that Harvey is a⁣ danger to society, and her release without bail only enables her to ​continue her ⁢criminal behavior, as​ tragically demonstrated by the loss of⁣ Machika Goodjoint’s life.

The decision to grant Harvey bail in the ⁣amount of ⁣$5,000 is perplexing and raises serious doubts ⁣about the efficacy of the pretrial risk assessment process. How can someone with a history of violence and a documented record of missing court ‍dates be considered a‍ “moderate⁤ risk”? This demonstrates a​ clear failure in accurately assessing ‍the potential danger posed by an individual and highlights the need for reforms in our justice system.

The case of Vanessa Harvey and the release without⁤ bail sends a disturbing message to ⁢both the victims of violent crimes and the community at large. It ⁣undermines faith in the justice system and raises doubts about​ its ability to protect and serve. The loss of ⁤Machika Goodjoint’s ⁣life is a tragedy that should have been prevented, and it is crucial that we examine the flaws in our current system to ensure that justice is served and public​ safety is prioritized.

In conclusion, the case of Vanessa Harvey and her release without bail after a brutal assault highlights the need for‌ urgent reform in ​our justice ‍system. The failures in accurately assessing the risk posed by individuals charged with violent crimes and the ⁤disregard for ⁤the safety of the community cannot be ignored. It is the responsibility of lawmakers, law enforcement agencies, and ⁤judiciary to address‌ these shortcomings and restore ‌faith in the justice system. The memory of Machika Goodjoint and other victims of violent crimes ‌demand that we take action‌ to prevent‌ future tragedies and uphold the principles of justice and⁣ accountability.

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