Woman arrested for allegedly mailing drug-soaked letter to San Diego inmate.

Woman​ Arrested for Attempting to Smuggle Methamphetamine to Inmate⁤ in San Diego Jail

SANTEE, Calif.—In‌ a⁣ shocking incident, a‍ woman was apprehended on September 11 for allegedly ‌trying to sneak methamphetamine to an ⁢inmate‌ in a San​ Diego-area‍ jail ‌using a⁤ drug-soaked piece ⁤of mail.

Misty S. ⁤Vantine, 45, was taken into ⁣custody on September 8​ in a‌ parking area at George ‍Bailey Detention Facility in Otay⁣ Mesa, as‌ reported by the ‍San Diego ​County ⁤Sheriff’s Department.

It all started⁢ when deputies at the jail mail-processing facility noticed something ​suspicious on August 23. A​ letter⁢ intended⁤ for an inmate appeared to‌ have been drenched in ⁢a liquid and then dried. ​Sgt. Aaron Brooke⁢ stated that upon conducting a chemical test on the correspondence, they made a shocking discovery—it had been infused with ​liquid​ methamphetamine.

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After a thorough investigation, ‌it was ⁢determined‌ that Ms. Vantine was the one who had sent‌ the drug-spiked letter,​ according to Mr. ⁣Brooke.

Ms. ‌Vantine has been booked into Las Colinas⁣ women’s jail in⁤ Santee on suspicion of multiple charges, including sending an illicit drug to a​ jail facility, attempting to sell a ‍controlled substance to an inmate,⁤ and criminal conspiracy.

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