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Woke Modding Bans Reveal Leftist Obsession With Control

Since the inception of gaming, players have been modifying games for better experiences or to tailor them to their own preferences. Some games like “Skyrim” and “Grand Theft Auto” were popular due to their modularity. For instance, if you want high-definition graphics that make every blade of grass a work of art or to replace all the dragons with characters from “Thomas the Tank Engine,” there’s a mod for that.

While there’s a strong element of community-based sharing of mods, at the end of the day, mods are a personal thing that allows gamers to create their own custom stories. However, radical leftists have decided that mods need to be regulated.

Last week, a popular Twitch streamer, John Wolfe, complained on Twitter that some gamers were modifying their “Resident Evil 4” games to better match the physical appearance of the female characters to their voice actresses. “Looking through the Nexus Mods list for RE4 remake mods makes me want to gouge my eyes out,” he tweeted. These same individuals endlessly advocate respecting others’ choices but expose intolerance when others make choices with which they disagree.

Wolfe was also outraged by players’ ability to mute a female character’s heavy breathing noises, contending that this implied “women are to be seen and not heard!” Hey, John, here’s a wild idea: Don’t like the mods, don’t use them! Isn’t that what leftists are always telling people?

Wolfe’s latest tantrum is an attempt to persuade Nexus Mods to ban these mods, as they did with a flag mod last year. Leftists believe that if they may introduce their politics into video games, they may force people to accept their ideas. However, Wolfe’s politics will just be another bit of woke crap if gamers may mod their games to remove them.

If players have the option to change their games as they see fit, there’s a risk that they’ll pick options that differ from what the radical left desires. This desire to govern modding is dangerous since it restricts gamers to playing only games approved by the radical left. If Wolfe is an example, then it won’t be very enjoyable.

Gamers should stick to what they have always done instead of embracing this unfortunate reality: Keep modding games the way they want, irrespective of what the woke puritans say. We should not yield any more territory to individuals whose sole goal is to push a political agenda at the expense of one of the last few cultural hobbies still not completely infected by wokeness.

Unfortunately, no mod exists yet to remove annoying leftists from gaming. Somebody should probably get to work on that.

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