Woke “History of the World Part II” Trailer Confirms Our Fears

Mel Brooks’ “History of the World Part I” Its title alone contains a great joke.

Hint: It’s the “Part 1” part.

Movie fans have either believed that a Part II exists or waited and waited for Brooks’ sequel, despite the fact that he has not yet shot a sequel to any one of his comedy classics.

Now, we’re getting a literal Part II to the 1981 comedy, courtesy of an 8-part Hulu series. Brooks is listed as a writer and executive producer of the mini-series, but our first glimpse has little of Brooks’ Borscht Belt snap or silliness.

Instead, it’s broad gags, aggressively diverse casting and a flash of woke.

The names attached to this project made us fear the worst.

Wanda Sykes is one of comedy’s most progressive voices, and Ike Barinholtz flashed his woke bona fides with the 2018 flop “The Oath.”

The original film featured a murderer’s row of funny folk, from Brooks and Madeline Kahn to Dom DeLuise, Harvey Norman and Cloris Leachman. Skyes and Barinholtz, Nick Krolls, Sarah Silvermans, J.B. Smooves, Johnny Knoxville are just a few of the Hulu series.


The teaser doesn’t give us any fleshed-out bits, but we see a black Jesus figure and a black Alexander Graham Bell.

That kind of forced diversity wasn’t a part of the original film, but it’s essential in the new Hollywood. It also shatters any sense that we’re telling a story from the past.

it’s one thing for “Hamilton” To make powerful points about America’s experiment and the flaws in the original United States, it is important to embrace a multiracial cast. It’s different to force diversity in this way. It’s a distraction, period.

Is Brooks’ magic going to make it into the final product? We’ll have eight episodes to see it once more. Brooks hasn’t made a feature film since 1995’s “Dracula: Dead and Loving It” We are underwhelmed.

He’s kept busy since then, bringing his classic films to the Great White Way (“The Producers,” “Young Frankenstein”) with massive success.

Brooks would be willing to put his unbreakable legacy at risk for a woken world. “Part II?” He’s been firm on the fact that his 1974 classic “Blazing Saddles” couldn’t be made today Cancel Culture, a big thanks!

So far, it seems that the answer is: “Yes,” but we’ll have to watch and find out come March 6.

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