Winners revealed in first-ever NTD Global Chinese Beauty Contest.

NTD’s Global⁣ Chinese ‍Beauty Pageant: Celebrating Authenticity, Goodness,​ and Beauty

On September 30th, an extraordinary event took place in New York‍ City. ⁢Thirty-two young women from different corners of the world ⁣gathered for the grand finale of NTD’s inaugural Global Chinese Beauty Pageant.

This pageant is not just about external beauty; it goes beyond that. NTD’s mission⁣ is ‍to promote “pure authenticity, pure goodness,‍ and pure beauty.”​ The ⁣judges evaluated the contestants based on their understanding and embodiment​ of the five virtues‍ prominent ​in ⁣traditional Chinese culture: morality, righteousness, propriety, benevolence, and faithfulness.

The ⁤winner of this prestigious competition was crowned Miss ⁣NTD and received a ‌stunning five-sapphire “phoenix crown” tiara designed by Shen Yun ​Collections.

Embracing Diversity and Tradition

This​ groundbreaking competition was open to women of at least one-third Chinese descent, representing the diversity of the⁢ global Chinese community. The pageant was conducted in ⁣a bilingual fashion, bridging cultures and​ languages.

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Announcing⁣ the Winners

Without further ado, here is the list of winners:

  • Miss NTD: Cynthia Sun
  • 1st Runner-up: Vicky Zhao
  • 2nd Runner-up: Belle Meng
  • 3rd Runner-up: Fiona Ji
  • 4th ‍Runner-up: ⁤Wandi ‍Zhu
  • 5th Runner-up: Annie ‍Chen
  • Best in Evening Gown: Tina Yang
  • Best in Fitness ⁣Wear: Belle ⁤Meng
  • Best⁤ in Instrumentalist: ⁤Melody Hughes
  • Best in Dancing: Vicky Zhao
  • Best ⁢in Creative: ​Elisabeth Yang
  • Best in Beauty with a Mission: 1. Annie Li,⁤ 2. Sherry Ning, 3. Annie Chen
  • Miss⁤ Photogenic: Cissy Sun
  • Miss‍ Congeniality: Annie‍ Chen
  • Director’s Award: Laura​ Danne
  • Semifinalists: Annie Li, Ada Li, Fiona Ji, Zoey Zhang, Sherry Ning, Cynthia⁤ Sun, Wandi Zhu, Karen Yu, Tina ⁤Yang, Annie Chen, Lee ⁢Li, Belle ⁤Meng,⁢ Melody⁣ Hughes, Vicky‌ Zhao, Lisa Mu, Leah Pan

How does the bilingual nature of ⁤the pageant promote cultural exchange, cross-cultural ‍understanding, ⁣and cooperation

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  • In a world where beauty pageants are often criticized for⁤ their focus on physical appearance, this event stood out for its emphasis on character and tradition. By highlighting the five ⁢virtues of traditional Chinese culture, the competition celebrated not only outer beauty but also‍ inner qualities that are often overlooked.

    The pageant also aimed to showcase the richness and​ diversity of the global Chinese community. Participants hailed from countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and⁢ Singapore. Their varied backgrounds and experiences were a testament to the global influence​ of Chinese culture and heritage.

    Moreover, the competition ​fostered cultural exchange by being conducted in a bilingual manner. Contestants were required to communicate effectively in both Mandarin Chinese and English, showcasing their ability to bridge cultures and languages. This aspect of the pageant emphasized the importance of ⁤embracing diversity and promoting cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

    A Symbol of⁤ Excellence and‍ Grace

    The crowning moment of the event was when the winner, Miss NTD, was presented with a stunning⁣ five-sapphire⁢ “phoenix crown” tiara.⁤ Designed by Shen Yun Collections, the‌ tiara symbolized both beauty and grace.

    The phoenix, a legendary creature in Chinese‍ culture, represents excellence, resilience, and rebirth. The use of sapphires in‍ the crown only added to its ⁢allure, as sapphires are known‌ for their association with wisdom, nobility, and purity. The combination of these elements embodied the ideals of the ‍pageant, celebrating authenticity, goodness, and beauty.

    Through this ‍event, NTD has once again showcased its commitment to‍ promoting values⁢ that go beyond superficial beauty. By recognizing and honoring inner virtues, the pageant highlighted‌ the importance of character and integrity in a world dominated by appearances. The⁢ global Chinese ‌community ​has been given a platform to celebrate their heritage and showcase their unique‍ identities.

    As​ the⁢ inaugural Global Chinese Beauty Pageant comes to a close, it leaves a lasting impact​ on the participants and the audience. The message of authenticity, ‍goodness, and beauty resonates not‍ only within the Chinese community but also with people from all‌ walks of life. In a world that often focuses on external appearances, NTD’s​ event serves as a reminder that true beauty lies‍ in one’s character​ and values.

    This‌ pageant set a high standard in ‍redefining beauty pageants​ and promoting cultural understanding and appreciation. It is with great anticipation ​that the global‍ community awaits ‌the next​ iteration of NTD’s Global Chinese Beauty⁣ Pageant, hoping for another celebration of authenticity, goodness, and beauty.

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