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Why Would Anybody Stay In California?

I wish we could just cover happy topics all day long, but we have to talk about pedophilia and what’s going on in California.

The depressive state of things today beats me down. But it is so much more important to me that everybody is informed — especially if you’re like me and you’re a mother to two young children.

We talk about California all the time because it is practically a communist country that happens to be in the United States. As I have said to my listeners over and over again, if you live in California — move.

I believe Governor Gavin Newsom is a dark character and hell-bent on destroying the people of California.

I don’t believe it’s worth the fight there anymore — especially if you have young children.

To add weight to that claim, a new report from The Daily Mail has revealed that more than 7,000 convicted pedophiles in California have been released from prison less than a year after sentencing for committing horrific acts, horrific acts including rape, sodomy, and sexual abuse of kids under 14.

So I don’t know why they’re doing this. We’ve obviously been talking a lot about people who are put into positions of power and making sure the laws are really lenient against pedophiles, along with murderers and others who commit crimes.

It seems the Left is trying to fill the streets with criminals for reasons unknown.

I cannot understand why, other than that they want to see chaos in the streets. They want terrible things to happen in society.

Crime rates keep tracking up in these inner-city communities across the country — including California.

The Daily Mail article goes on to say that “others who committed some of the worst child sex crimes on the statute books served similarly short sentences, including 365 pedophiles convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a child who spent less than 12 months in prison, 39 cases of sodomy with a child under 16, and three cases of kidnapping a child under 14 with intent to commit lewd acts, according to the data.”

Former Los Angeles sex crimes prosecutor Samuel Dordulian told The Daily Mail he was shocked by the statistics, describing them as “frightening” for society.

And I think that frightening is the perfect adjective to describe what’s going on.

It’s frightening to think that, for whatever reason, these people are being thrown onto the streets.

And I just do not understand why.

Please comment to discuss what would keep somebody living in a place like California or the inner cities.

If you have a family — if you have a young family — what would keep you tethered to the inner city communities?

I understand there are work opportunities, but I can’t imagine choosing work over the safety of my children, especially when there seems to be a government-sponsored incentive to put children at risk — whether it’s in the classroom or whether it’s on the streets.

We’ve discussed other insanities in California, and you all know I just don’t perceive it as a free state whatsoever.

And unless there is something unbelievable tethering you in California, it’s time to pick up and move.

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